Mark Cuban and former Oculus CEO back 3D e-commerce

We are proud to announce our latest round of funding and some exciting new investors. This latest injection of capital is already helping VNTANA expand our Sales, Customer Success, Marketing, and Engineering teams as we increase the velocity on our mission to make 3D E-Commerce fast and easy at scale.

“This latest round of funding propels us into the next phase of VNTANA and we are thrilled to work with these notable investors,” says Ashley Crowder, co-founder and CEO of VNTANA. “From working with Mark Cuban to female-led Chloe Capital, we are in fantastic company with a team that has deep experience in gaming and eCommerce. These new investments also provide us with a strong foundation from which we can more aggressively execute on a number of new industry partnerships that offer us new channels to connect with brands who are looking to add 3D and AR to their eCommerce and advertising mix.”

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