Adding a Hologram to your event is ALWAYS a smart idea. It’s a great way to generate leads, turn consumers into brand advocates and increase social sharing. However, over the years we have seen simple mistakes being done when integrating holograms at events. When using holograms for your next campaign, please avoid these top 5 mistakes to guarantee a show-stopping experience.


Not Having a Goal

Don’t just check the AR/VR box. It’s important to have a goal. If you want to secure media coverage, add a WOW factor, and create content that is out of this world. If it’s lead generation, let’s gamify it, and if you want people to share their experience, make sure the takeaway is the best selfie of their life!


Not Thinking about the Environment

Holograms can work both indoors and outdoors, however, make sure you take into account how the environment may affect the experience. If you’re outdoors, you’ll need a tent. If you’re in a bright environment, use set design to block excess light on the user. Holograms can absolutely work in both, but like anything else, the devil’s in the details.


Not Defining Your Audience

Holograms are a new medium for consumers, so it’s important to know your audience when creating your experience. Kids know exactly how to interact with them, however, not everyone was born with an iPhone in hand. Create experiences that are intuitive and welcoming. Hire a brand ambassador to get users comfortable with the technology.


Don’t Silo Your Hologram

Don’t put the hologram in the corner. Integrate it into the rest of your marketing campaign. Create a comprehensive experience, from ideation to social sharing, promotion and data collection. Start promoting the experience before the event, collect user data during the event, and follow up with them after the event.



Don’t Use Backgrounds

People often want to add background elements into their holograms, but one of the coolest things about holograms is that you get to bring the virtual into your actual physical environment. Incorporate set design to make it feel real for your audience. Our favorite experiences include hologram pirates on pirate ship, hologram football players in a locker room, and hologram DJ’s in a nightclub.