Increase Speed to Market & Reduce Costs with 3D for B2B Sales

If your team designs in 3D today using Clo, Browzwear, Keyshot, Modo or similar programs, you can instantly deploy them for B2B sales using VNTANA.

Quickly Create 3D Line Sheets

Your Digital Product Creation team can use VNTANA plugins to bulk upload their 3D design files so you can instantly create sharable 3D web viewers with built-in AR. You can share individual designs or select products and publish 3D line sheets that can be shared with a password-protected link to review internally or with external buyers. Include pertinent information like SKU, MSRP, Wholesale Price, and more by manually entering on the product page or using our API to automatically connect with your database, ERP, DAM, PLM or wherever you save this information.

Upgrade Your Existing B2B Showrooms to 3D

If you’re currently using a web-based B2B showroom, either built in-house or from a vendor, you can easily add VNTANA’s 3D and AR web viewer through our API. This can be completely automated so your team instantly sees the fast-loading, interactive 3D designs on the correct product page. VNTANA’s patented optimization ensures all 3D models load fast. If you use Joor we have a pre-built integration for even easier deployment.

Instantly Import Files to Virtual Showrooms

If you use showrooms like ByondXR, Hatch, VibeIQ, or want to create a bespoke digital showroom in Unity or Unreal you can use VNTANA’s patented optimization software to take existing designs from Clo, Browzwear, Keyshot, Modo, or other design programs and instantly convert them to meet their specifications, no manual work required. Our software automates what your 3D design team currently has to do by hand to get design files to work in these various showrooms.

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