Aggregate and manage all your supplier 3D content on a single, easy-to-use platform.

Key Challenges

3D models are time consuming and expensive to create, plus existing DAMs and CMSs were built for 2D content only.

QA is Time Consuming

Sellers send 3D models in the wrong formats

Customers are Expecting 3D and AR Experiences

Receiving 3D Models from Sellers is cumbersome

VNTANA provides a free 3D DAM to retailers so they can…

Securely Receive & Publish Seller 3D Models

Rest assured with our robust security measures and data protection protocols – SOC2 Compliant with Certification in process.

Enjoy a seamless connection with your sellers that THEY manage, enhancing efficiency and compatibility through automation and cloud collaboration.

Automate QA for Thousands of Assets

Eliminate the burden of manual quality assurance processes.

Our advanced software automates QA checks for faster validation and reduced errors.

Approval workflows streamline feedback and collaboration with sellers.

Automatically Convert Seller 3D Models to Your Specifications

Our Intelligent Optimization Engine™ automatically reduces 3D file sizes by up to 99% while maintaining super high visual fidelity saving your teams’ time and resources.

Convert to all file formats including GLB, USDZ, and FBX.

Create presets so all your sellers automatically convert their 3D models to meet your specifications.

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