VNTANA Featured in Retail Dives’ Shop.Org Roundup offers a sneak peek at technology trends and changing customer behavior. Among the many insights from the show is one universal truth: the shopper is everywhere and retailers should be too.

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Additionally, managed to give attendees in Los Angeles a peek into the digital future. It’s one in which virtual reality looms large, augmented reality is upon us and voice is the technology of the day.

Retail Dive’s #1 takeaway from was that “Voice is everywhere”

“Voice is the technology of the day.

Artificial intelligence and its companion, voice, are the most talked about innovations in retail. Plus, they’re the ones most likely to make the biggest and most immediate impact.

‘There are quite a few vendors here touting AI for lots of different use cases,’ Michelle Grant, head of retailing at Euromonitor International, told Retail Dive. Furthermore, ‘This will inform competitive intelligence, personalization and recommendations, natural language processing. It is enabling new things to happen at a scale not seen before.’

At the show, there were AI messaging platforms — many with a focus on Facebook Messenger.  Not to mention, there was even an early stage interactive hologram from VNTANA that responds to questions like, ‘where’s the food court?'”

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