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You can find all the information you need to automatically optimize and convert your 3D design files into mobile ready GLTF and USDZ files that are instantly sharable in a 3D web viewer with built in AR.

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API – Downloading a Model

Last updated: 09/29/22

Learn how to leverage the VNTANA Admin API to download either the original 3D file uploaded to the Platform, or the optimized version in GLB or USDZ format.

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API – Webhooks

Last updated: 06/30/22

Learn how to leverage the VNTANA Admin API to create and manage Webhooks.

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API – Searching for Products

Last updated: 07/01/22

Learn how to leverage the various forms of metadata available for the Product's you create to easily search for and retrieve Product data via the VNTANA Admin API.

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