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You can find all the information you need to automatically optimize and convert your 3D design files into mobile ready GLTF and USDZ files that are instantly sharable in a 3D web viewer with built in AR.

Visual Components

Last updated: 03/21/24

"This video shows an example of exporting layouts in the 3D world to supported CAD file formats, such as STEP, JT and OBJ."

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VNTANA Webhooks

Last updated: 03/14/24

Learn how to leverage the VNTANA Admin API to create and manage Webhooks through the Platform or via the Admin API.

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Last updated: 02/21/24

Onshape enables you to export parts and surfaces (from Part Studios), entire Part Studios, entire Assemblies, linked documents (on browser and Android platforms), as well as sketches and planar faces to your hard drive or cloud-source (for example, Google Drive or Dropbox) for use elsewhere.

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NX CAD Export Guidelines

Last updated: 02/21/24

In this guide, we will walk through exporting your assets from NX CAD, converting to a .glb in Blender, and uploading to VNTANA.

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Integrations: Shopify

Last updated: 02/12/24

Shopify AR lets customers using the Safari browser on iOS 12 devices view realistic and interactive versions of your products in augmented reality (AR).

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Platform Inputs

Last updated: 01/30/24

VNTANA Platform supports a large variety of 3D file formats for optimization. We’ll outline the formats supported and not supported, as well as best practices to follow when uploading 3Ds to Platform.

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