VNTANA Configurator

The VNTANA Platform offers a multitude of options for you to showcase your Products. One such feature is the Configurator, allowing you to combine all the Colorways of a particular Product into one shareable and embeddable viewer. The VNTANA Configurator allows users to switch between models that are configured to be included, while allowing you to reduce the amount of viewers that need to be loaded on a page while still showing everything you wish to showcase.

The VNTANA Configurator allows seamless integration in your website by providing an iFrame that is ready to be embedded in your site with no changes necessary, as well as a shareable link for anyone to view the Configurator. Additionally, the iFrame can be customized with CSS by adding a class and making the changes you need.

Note: Just like with the embed link and iFrame for an individual Product, the Configurator and all associated Products must be ‘Published’ before they will be viewable with the iFrame or embed link.

Creating a Configurator

To create a Configurator, you must create a Product. While in the Product creation screen, an option will be present to Create or Add to an existing Configurator. Check this box, then select ‘New Configurator’ and enter the desired name of the Configurator. We generally recommend you name the Configurator after the base Product’s name if you’re only adding Colorways of one Product to the Configurator.

Once the Configurator has been created, you can add additional Products to it if they’ve already been uploaded. From the Product list view select one or more Products and click the ‘Add to Configurator’ button in the upper right corner.

Finally, it is also possible to create and edit Configurators via the API. For a detailed look at this process, view this guide.

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