Managing the Users in your Organization

The VNTANA Platform has a number of different levels of User Access for you and others to properly manage the contents of your Organization. These allow you to invite and assign individuals to specific Clients / Folders, invite Guests to view the contents of a Client / Folder, or simply add more Admins to manage the Organization as a whole.

Access Level General Permissions
Organization Owner Full access to Organization
Organization Admin Full Access excluding Billing
Folder Admin Full Access to select Clients / Folders
Content Manager Limited access to Client / Folder features. Create, Update, Delete products.
Guest Can only view Clients / Folders they’ve been added to

Viewing a Users Access Level

To view a Users access level, first navigate to the ‘Manage’ settings page of your Organization.

From here select the ‘Users’ option in the list of Manage Organization options that appear.

This will present you with a list of all Users in the Organization and their Access Level.

You can see the name they entered when accepting an invite, their email, and their role.

Inviting a User to the Organization

From the Users page which lists all active Users, click the ‘+ Invite New User’ button in the top right. This will bring up the Invite form.

You must enter the email of the User, this is where they will accept the invite and set their name and password. You will also set their Role or Access Level. This can be Organization Admin or Folder Access User, if the latter then you will also be prompted to select the Client(s) / Folder(s) they will have access to, as well as whether they are Folder Admin, Content Manager, or a Guest.

Revoke or Change a Users Access

There is no way to outright change a Users access without simply Revoking their access and re-inviting them. To do this, from the Active Users list page, click the three dots on the right of their entry and select Revoke Access.

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