Managing the Users in your Organization

The VNTANA Platform has a number of different levels of User Access for you and others to properly manage the contents of your Organization. These allow you to invite and assign individuals to specific Workspaces, invite Guests to view the contents of a Workspace, or simply add more Admins to manage the Organization as a whole.

Access Level General Permissions
Organization Owner Full access to Organization
Organization Admin Full Access excluding Billing
Workspace Admin Full Access to select Workspaces
Content Manager Limited access to Workspace features. Create, Update, Delete assets.
Guest Can only view Workspaces they’ve been added to
Restricted Access User – Project Can only access Projects invited to.
Edit – Can edit Project, view, download, and share linked Assets (if they are Live), and edit linked Assets (separate option at invite)
View – Can only view Project and contents, and download and share linked Assets (if they are Live).
Restricted Access User – Asset Can only access Assets invited to.
Edit – Can edit, download, and share (if Live) the Assets.
View – Can only view, download, and share (if Live).

Viewing a Users Access Level

To view a Users access level, first navigate to the ‘Settings’ page of your Organization.

From here select the ‘Users’ option in the list of Manage Organization options that appear.

This will present you with a list of all Users in the Organization and their Access Level.

You can see the name they entered when accepting an invite, their email, and their role. Note: All Workspace level and lower roles will be presented as Multi-Workspace Access User in this page, however if you click the user you will see more information about the roles they have in any Workspaces.

Inviting a User to the Organization

From the Users page which lists all active Users, click the ‘+ Invite New User’ button in the top right. This will bring up the Invite form.

You must enter the email of the User, this is where they will accept the invite and set their name and password. You will also set their Role or Access Level. This can be Organization Admin or Workspace Access User, if the latter then you will also be prompted to select the Workspace(s) they will have access to, as well as whether they are Workspace Admin, Content Manager, or a Guest.

Inviting Users to Projects or Assets

Unlike Organization or Workspace level invites, Project and Asset invites must be handled from the Project/Asset itself.


With Projects, you can only invite users to them on an individual basis. You can navigate to a Projects page and click the ‘Share’ button in the upper right corner. You will see a pop-up like the one picture before and must enter their email and role. The role can be Edit or View. Additionally, there is an option to allow them to Edit the Assets contained within the Project. Without this, even with a Project Edit role they wouldn’t be able to affect change on the Assets contained within the Project.


Assets offer two options for inviting users: bulk and individual. Like most bulk options, this is initiated by selecting one or more assets from the Asset Library list page, and click the Share button in the upper right corner, as pictured below.

This button will open a pop-up as pictured above. While similar to the Project invite modal, there are two key differences. First, there’s no additional edit option to check, the user is just simply assigned Edit or View. The second is the Public Link section. This will provide a publicly usable link containing the various download links for all the selected Assets, similar to the shareable Viewer link. This link does not give anyone access to the platform, instead just providing them with a static page with the download links.

The second method of inviting users to an Asset is from an individual Asset’s page itself. From an Asset page, click the Share tab, and scroll until you see the Invite Users section. The process is the same here, simply add the users email and role and press ‘Invite’.

Revoke or Change a Users Access

You can click on the users name to view a breakdown of their role as well as make changes. Only Organization Owners and Admins can change a users role.

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