Substance Painter

When you are finished with your asset navigate to:

File >Export Textures

The window shown below should appear.

Select the below export options:

  • Output directory: Location the program will save the files to
  • Output Template: Format files will be saved in
  • File Type: File type textures will be in, type and bit depth. 
  • Size: Texture Size
  • Padding: Padding between uv shells 
  • Export shaders parameters: Export parameters predefined in your material

In order to export your mesh with the textures embedded and ready for our platform you will need to change the output template to gltf PBR Metal Roughness as seen below:

Before you export make sure you tell substance where to save the files, by default it will save them to:

Documents\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter\export

To change where substances saves files click on

Output directory

You should be good to go, click export!

In the directory you specify you will have:

  • 1 glb – this is what you want to upload to VNTANA
  • 1 gltf
  • 1 bin (with gltf)
  • 3 texture files

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