We only support exporting Custom material types.

Custom materials in Rhino allow you to export a Diffuse Texture and a Normal Texture.

Diffuse texture gets plugged into the color slot you can also use a color value for this property.

Normal texture in the Normal map slot.

To control specular characteristics please use the “Gloss finish” and “Reflectivity” sliders.

Mesh Export

To export your asset select the asset that you wish to export, make sure to select only what you wish to export.

Navigate to: File > Export Selected

Select the location you want your file to be saved.

In the drop down select “MotionBuilder (*.fbx)” from the drop down list.

Click save

An options dialog box should pop up, unless you have disabled it. If you have disabled this in the paste, click “Options” before hitting save to change settings.

Make sure the below options are selected:

  • Meshes only
  • Phong
  • Map Rhino Z to FBX Y
  • Export File as “Version 7 Binary”

Click OK

If your model is heavy enough a Polygon Mesh Option box will appear.

This allows you to dial in your mesh to your desired settings. We recommend a setting that reduces the amount of stretched polygons. Click the preview button and inspect the mesh if you are satisfied with the result click OK 

Your file should download and be ready to upload to VNTANA!

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