Release Notes – September 2nd, 2020

Updates deployed on September 2nd, 2020

  • Introducing Texture Compression Customization
    • Users now have the ability to customize Texture Compression settings for each 3D file they upload to the VNTANA Platform. These settings enable Users to define the amount of compression that suits their needs. To take advantage of this process, Users may access this module from 3 separate locations; when adding a product to the platform, bulk editing assets from the products page, and/or reviewing an individual asset’s detail page.
  • The Texture Compression settings are:
    • Texture Resolution: Recommended resolution is 2K.
    • Compression Type:
      • Lossless compression means that as the file size is compressed, the picture quality remains the exact same.
      • Lossy compression reduces the size of the texture by degrading the quality of the image, most of the time this degradation is unnoticeable by the viewer so we highly suggest trying this out!
    • Compression Aggression: The higher the number, the more compressed the image is, which results in smaller texture size. ie. 10: being the strongest will result in the lowest quality and smallest file. This option applies when Lossy compression is selected.
  • Introducing Bulk Actions across the VNTANA Platform.
    1. Bulk Upload multiple assets at once via the ‘Add Product’ page. The optimization, texture compression or other settings chosen will apply to all files uploaded at that time.
    2. Bulk Download multiple assets directly from the ‘Manage Products’ page – extension types available: GLB, USDZ, and Original.
    3. Bulk Edit multiple assets directly from the ‘Manage Products’ page – Users may update the optimization settings, define texture compression options as well as assign location, tags, and attributes for the assets selected.

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