Release Notes – June 17, 2021

Updates deployed between our last release and June 17, 2021

Various improvements to the optimization methods: We are constantly working on improving and adding new features in our optimization pipeline to make sure you achieve the best quality possible at the smallest file size possible. 

We recently released various improvements to our platform to enhance your workflows as well as allow you to achieve better results for your 3D assets with our new optimization methods.

New Features and Updates

  • Product Purging via API: You can now permanently delete the asset through API. This is a great addition for users who would like to follow compliencies.
  • Attachments: You may now upload relevant attachments to a product in order to facilitate internal communication and knowledge sharing. These attachments will appear in a separate section, which will include all attachments from the product, whether uploaded to a comment or directly uploaded to the product. We have expanded the file formats that are supported as attachments throughout the platform: .mov, .mp4, .zip, in addition to various image formats.
  • IP whitelisting: We added another security feature that allows you to whitelist the IP address you would like your users to access to your organization.
  • Various security enhancements to give you piece of mind that your data is secure like:  
    • Malware Scanning in the process of Product creation.
    • Client-level encryption
  • Made a few UI updates to make your experience more intuitive.

Updates to Our Optimization Methods:

Mesh Optimizer v1.6.0

    • Normal and texture baking: We now support normal texture baking that can help you to achieve even smaller file size at a great fidelity. This method is various pipelines like 3D Scans or apparel models that are exported from Browzwear or Clo 3D
    • Texture Atlassing: This method will ensure a better size and performance of your 3D Assets on web and Mobile AR.
    • Texture filling: This method has been developed to improve the overall rendering quality of the Browzwear assets. Without this method you could get noticeable dark lines 
  • Various Texture Optimization Methods:
  • Alpha mask texture boosting
      • Non-alpha images are converted to jpegs
      • Visibility based texture resizing
  • Support for KHR_texture_transform, KHR_materials_unlit and KHR_lights_punctual glTF extensions: We have added support of the new GLTF extensions that has been ratified by Khronos group. These extensions help to achieve better rendering quality in our viewer.
  • Converting CLO-specific CLO_materials_reflection_intensity extension into standard PBR material properties: Clo 3D has designed their own extension that defines the reflectivity of models produced in their software. We translate that extension to standard PBR to make sure the models converted on our platform are cross compatible with any environment.
  • Instance detection improvements: Instancing helps to dramatically reduce the file size by eliminating the redundant parts of the model. We have made tons of improvements to support various use cases. 
  • Various performance and stability improvements: We constantly work on improving the performance of our application to make sure you can get your results at no time.  
      • Various file format conversion fixes

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