Release Notes: 2024

Updates Deployed June 12th, 2024

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VNTANA Platform

  • Added a new Optimization option: Small Feature Baking.

    • Part of the Geometry Optimization settings.

  • Added a bulk Approval process

    • Now users can approve or reject assets in bulk, as well as send multiple assets for review in one go.

  • Added a new Webhook Event for Viewer Settings

    • The event is an Asset event triggered when the Asset’s Viewer Settings have been updated.

    • asset.viewer_settings.updated

Admin API

  • Added ability to bulk publish to Amazon via the Admin API

  • Added pipeline options to the metadata upload endpoints.

    • When creating or updating assets via the endpoints /v1/product-data/upload and /v1/product-data/import you can identify a Pipeline by it’s name or UUID to be assigned to each Asset.

Previous Releases


An entirely new Viewer experience is now available on VNTANA. This major update provides numerous new and improved settings to provide even more realistic 3D visuals. To explore the new viewer you can view our demo here for general assets or here for Jewelry assets.

An overview of the improvements made in this new viewer are:

  • Faster load times.
  • Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (ssao)
    • Adds depth and realism to 3D models by approximating ambient occlusion.
  • Sharpening and Anti-Aliasing
    • Makes edges and details look crisp and smooth by reducing blurriness and jagged edges.
  • Specifically high quality multi sample Anti-Aliasing (AA), temporal AA, and ray trace AA for gems.
  • Intuitive Camera controls
    • Infinite horizontal rotation.
    • Incremental zoom buttons for more controlled zoom.
    • Re-center button to automatically reset the camera position.
VNTANA Platform
  • Viewer Presets
    • With the release of the new VNTANA Viewer, it is now easier to ensure visual consistency across your multiple assets.
    • Presets can be created, updated, and applied at Asset creation.
      • These Presets can exist on at an Organization or Workspace level.
  • Environment Maps
    • It is now possible to upload your own Environment maps (.hdr) for use with your Viewer settings.
    • Environment maps can be limited to individual Workspaces or the entire Organization.
  • SSO Authentication Options
    • You can now sign-up for the VNTANA Platform using your Google or Microsoft accounts.
    • Usage of plug-ins or the API will require these accounts to generate an Authentication Key on the Platform.
      •  Visit this guide to learn how to generate this key.
  • Bulk Edit Updates
    • The user experience when bulk editing has been improved to reduce clicks and feel more intuitive.
    •  You now can select to only change a specific setting, or change everything.
      • This allows you to select assets that may have a number of different settings (i.e. pipeline) and simply set all of them to disable Draco Compression without worrying about any other setting changing.
      •  Alternatively you can still edit all optimization settings if desired.
    • The Viewer settings section has been updated to reflect the new Viewer settings available.
  • Digital Asset Management Updates
    • You can now create assets directly from the Project view or when editing a Project.
    • An asset’s or project’s parent project can now be changed when editing or creating projects.
Admin API
  • Viewer Presets
    • With the new preset functionality available for Viewer settings, various actions related to their management are available via the Admin API.
      • Preset information can be retrieved via a number of different API search endpionts.
      • They can be retrieved by a general search using a nameSearchTerm, as well as by their uuid or Workspace.
      • Presets can also be created and updated via the API.
  • Asset creation/update endpoints have been updated to allow the setting of Viewer settings.
    • Either a viewer presetUuid or full viewer config can be passed to the creation or update endpoint.
    • When cloning assets one can also assign viewer settings.
  • Environment Maps
    • Custom hdr images can be uploaded via the API and set as a System, Organization, or Workspace Environment map.
  • Additional Webhook events have been added to enhance tracking of DAM and Viewer related events.
  • Events related to Project management, Viewer presets, and renders have been added.
  • To see the full list of available Webhook events and a guide on implementing them, see this page.
VNTANA Platform
  • The VNTANA Mesh Optimizer has been updated with a new option to hit a target file size.
  • File Size Limit
    • A target file size can be indicated for the Mesh Optimizer to attempt to achieve while maintaining minimal loss of visual fidelity.
      • Destructive actions will still be avoided even if it means missing this target.
    • An option to force the tile to the target file size has been added which will allow for destructive actions.
      • This can lead to a loss in visual fidelity.
  • Optimization Presets
    • Users can now manage Optimization Presets in a similar fashion to Viewer Presets.
    • Users can override or delete a preset directly from the Optimization settings panel when creating/editing an Asset, as well as save new presets with the currently selected settings.
    • These presets can be set to Organization level or limited to the current Workspace.
  • Improved Optimization Settings UI for more intuitive controls.
  • Showrooms
    • Draft Assets can now be added to Showrooms.
      • When viewing the Public link of the Showroom, all Draft Assets will be excluded.
    • Added password protection option to Public share links.
    • Improved User management.
      • Users previously invited to a Showroom Share Link can now be invited to the Organization or a Workspace.
      • Users of the Organization/Workspace can now be invited to a Showrooms Share Link.
Admin API
  • Draft Assets are now accessible via the API.
  • Integrations are coming to VNTANA with our first partnership: Amazon.

  • Users can connect their VNTANA Organization to their Shopify sellers account and publish 3D directly to Amazon from VNTANA.

  • A new Integrations section has been added to the Settings window where the connection to Amazon can be made.

  • Once an integration is connected, a section for it will be added to each individual Asset page where their integration parameters can be individually managed.

  • The Amazon Integration requires the following information:

    • The stores to connect to (i.e. United States, Canada, Italy)

    • The individual ASIN’s for each of these stores.

    • The product dimensions (bounding box of the 3D)

      • This can be generated from the Amazon integration section of an individual Asset.

  • Additional render settings have been added.

  • Users may now set the render format of their images.

    • PNG, JPG, WEBP are supported.

  • Users may now set some settings for the turntable generation.

    • Toggle on/off the generation of the gif

    • Set the resolution

    • Indicate the duration by setting the number of Frames and the Framerate.

  • A visual has been added to the render section to indicate when renders are currently being generated.

Admin API
  • New endpoints have been added to support the release of the Amazon Integration.

    • Ability to upload Dimensions and ASIN’s using a new metadata endpoint /v1/product-data/import/integration-attributes

      • Dimensions do not need to be uploaded, using this endpoint will trigger a process to pull the bounding box dimensions from each asset updated.

    • Ability to publish/bulk publish to Amazon using /v1/products/integration/publish and /v1/products/integration/bulk/publish

    • An endpoint to pull the list of Amazon marketplaces. This includes all stores, not just the ones connected within your Organization. The ID of the stores are needed when uploading the ASIN’s for an asset in the metadata import endpoint above.

      • /v1/integration-settings/amazon-marketplaces/{accountType}

      • accountType can be SELLER or VENDOR, the response will be the same for either one.

  • New endpoints have been added to retrieve the integrationAttributes for an Asset.

    • /v1/products/integration-attributes/{type}/{productUuid}

      • type can be AMAZON or SHOPIFY (Shopify is not a direct integration, it is utilized within the VNTANA App on Shopify)

    • /v1/products/integration-attributes/{productUuid}

  • Asset Search endpoints have been updated to include the integrationStatus value to indicate the publish status of the asset.

    • /v1/products/clients/search

    • /v1/products/clients/{clientUuid}/search

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