Release Notes: 2023

To see release notes pertaining to the VNTANA Mesh Optimizer visit this page.

Updates Deployed on January 26th, 2023

VNTANA Platform
  • Added a Download Report button to the Analytics Dashboard.
    • Users previously could only generate an Analytics report in .CSV format, but now have the option to also generate a report in .XLSX format with predefined formatting for easier reading.
  • Added Reconvert and Publish option.
    • Users can now send their Products to be reconverted and have them be automatically (re)published upon completion. This can be done on an individual basis from the Product’s page, or in bulk from the Product View page while multiple Products are selected.
  • Added a Progress Loader to visually indicate when a newly added Comment is being saved.
  • The Add Attachment button is now disabled when in the process of saving a new attachment.
Rest API
  • Added a Reconvert and Publish endpoint.
    • An endpoint was created for the VNTANA Admin API which will allow a user to send a list of Product UUID’s for reconversion as well as indicate whether to have each Product be automatically published upon completion.
  • Fixed error messaging on Search Locations endpoint.
    • Now if an improper page or size parameter is passed, a proper response object will be returned with an error message indicating these settings were incorrectly passed.
  • Implemented a new naming convention for optimized FBX files.
    • Intended to make the reconstruction of materials easier when importing the FBX into certain 3rd party applications (i.e. Unreal Engine) which do not keep the textures connected to their materials.
    • The materials will be named along the lines of mat0_c0_n1_r2_m2 where mat0 indicates the material number, and each subsequent letter+number combo refers to a specific material parameter and texture number.
      • c is for the Base Color/Diffuse map.
      • n is for the Normal map.
      • a is for Ambient Occlusion map.
      • r is for Roughness map.
      • m is for Metallic map.
      • e is for Emissivity map.
    • The combo c0 means the texture 0 is used for the BaseColor/Diffuse parameter.
  • Created a new pipeline: Preserve Meshes and UVs.
    • This pipeline will not merge meshes, remove duplicate materials, or remove extra UV layers.
    • Additionally will skip baking normals and small features, and will not crop textures.
  • Improved on the gltf from usd converter.
    • Added support for more USD features such as:
      • UsdPreviewSurface for physically based materials.
      • Texture map merging in accordance with gltf specification.

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