Release Notes: 2023

Updates Deployed November 9th, 2023

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To view release notes pertaining to the VNTANA Mesh Optimizer visit this page.

VNTANA Digital Asset Management Update

VNTANA has expanded the Platform’s capabilities as a Digital Asset Management (DAM) tool. In this release we have introduce new functionality including Projects, fine-grained User access levels, and expanded Asset Types for Enterprise clients.

VNTANA Platform

  • Terminology
    • Some of the terminology for Platform features has been updated:
      • Folders have been renamed Workspaces
      • Products have been renamed Assets
  • Projects
    • A key feature of the DAM update is the introduction of Projects.
    • These are a new way to organize your Assets through linking.
      • You can now select any assets from your Asset Library and link them to new or existing Projects.
      • A Project can be viewed as a directory containing either Assets or sub-Projects, or both.
    • The new Project List page of a Workspace can be viewed as a directory tree (list view) showing each Project and their sub-Projects and Assets contained within, or as a grid showing all root Projects.
    • Users can be invited to only have access to the contents of a Project.
    • As with Assets, Projects can be published to a Live Internal or Live Public state.
      • Optionally, every Asset contained within the Project can be automatically published to the same state as the Project.
    • As with Assets, Projects can have tags, attributes, and locations.
      • These can be used to search for Projects both on the Platform and via the Admin API.
  • User Access
    • A more fine-grained system of user permissions has been introduced to complement the new Projects system.
    • Users can be invited to view specific Projects and their contents.
      • Users can be given Edit or View permissions.
      • Edit
        • Can View and Edit all Projects they’ve been invited to.
          • Includes removing assets, changing Project details, changing publish status, and adding/removing sub-Projects.
        • Can View all Assets contained in the Projects they’ve been invited to.
          • When inviting a user to a Project, you can also toggle an option to allow them to edit the Assets contained within.
          • Assets can be removed from a Project, but the user will retain view privileges on those Assets.
      • View
        • Can view the Project and its contents.
        • If the Asset is in a Live Internal or Live Public state they can download the Assets.
    • Users can be invited to view specific Assets.
      • Similar to Projects, users can be given Edit or View permissions.
      • Edit
        • More constrained than the Project Edit access.
        • Users can edit details and reconvert Assets.
        • Users cannot change publish status, add to new or existing Projects, or share the Asset.
      • View
        • Can only view the Asset.
  • Expanded Asset Types for Enterprise Accounts
    • In a previous release, we expanded on the file types that were allowed to be uploaded as attachments. In this update, we’ve expanded this once more to allow the upload of these file types as standalone Assets, not just attachments.
      • Note: This is an Enterprise only feature.
  • Shareable Downloads
    • In addition to the improved user access, we’ve also improved the sharing of Assets.
    • Now, not only can an embeddable 3D viewer be shared publicly, but download links for the original and all optimized formats can also be shared.
      • By sharing download links, users will generate an embed link similar to a viewer link that provides a page for all downloads available.
    • This action is done as a bulk operation, meaning a single share link can be generated for multiple Assets.
    • Assets must be in a Live Public state to be shareable.
  • Workspace Deletion
    • In addition to the name change of Folders to Workspaces, we’ve also implemented functionality to delete Workspaces.
      • Only Organization Owners and Admins can delete Workspaces.

Admin API

  • With the new DAM update, there are some updates to old endpoints as well as new functionality centering around Projects.
  • Asset Creation / Update
    • The /v1/products endpoint has been updated to allow the inclusion of projectUuid or project as parameters, automatically linking the created/updated Asset to an existing or new project.
    • See this guide for more information.
  • Project Operations
    • Project Creation / Updating
      • Similar to Asset operations, you can leverage the API to create or update Projects using the /v1/projects endpoint.
      • You can include the productsUuids parameter to automatically link existing Live Assets to the Project.
      • See this guide for more information
    • Retrieving Project Data
      • There are three methods to retrieve Project data: retrieval by projectUuid, searching a single Workspace, or searching multiple Workspaces.
        • The latter two allow for search parameters to filter the results.
      • See this guide for more information.
    • Linking Assets to Projects
      • A key feature of Projects is the ability to link Assets to new or existing Projects within your Workspace.
      • This can be accomplished via the /v1/projects/link-products endpoint.
      • See this guide for more information.

Previous Release Notes

VNTANA Platform
  • Added a Download Report button to the Analytics Dashboard.
    • Users previously could only generate an Analytics report in .CSV format, but now have the option to also generate a report in .XLSX format with predefined formatting for easier reading.
  • Added Reconvert and Publish option.
    • Users can now send their Products to be reconverted and have them be automatically (re)published upon completion. This can be done on an individual basis from the Product’s page, or in bulk from the Product View page while multiple Products are selected.
  • Added a Progress Loader to visually indicate when a newly added Comment is being saved.
  • The Add Attachment button is now disabled when in the process of saving a new attachment.
Rest API
  • Added a Reconvert and Publish endpoint.
    • An endpoint was created for the VNTANA Admin API which will allow a user to send a list of Product UUID’s for reconversion as well as indicate whether to have each Product be automatically published upon completion.
  • Fixed error messaging on Search Locations endpoint.
    • Now if an improper page or size parameter is passed, a proper response object will be returned with an error message indicating these settings were incorrectly passed.
  • Implemented a new naming convention for optimized FBX files.
    • Intended to make the reconstruction of materials easier when importing the FBX into certain 3rd party applications (i.e. Unreal Engine) which do not keep the textures connected to their materials.
    • The materials will be named along the lines of mat0_c0_n1_r2_m2 where mat0 indicates the material number, and each subsequent letter+number combo refers to a specific material parameter and texture number.
      • c is for the Base Color/Diffuse map.
      • n is for the Normal map.
      • a is for Ambient Occlusion map.
      • r is for Roughness map.
      • m is for Metallic map.
      • e is for Emissivity map.
    • The combo c0 means the texture 0 is used for the BaseColor/Diffuse parameter.
  • Created a new pipeline: Preserve Meshes and UVs.
    • This pipeline will not merge meshes, remove duplicate materials, or remove extra UV layers.
    • Additionally will skip baking normals and small features, and will not crop textures.
  • Improved on the gltf from usd converter.
    • Added support for more USD features such as:
      • UsdPreviewSurface for physically based materials.
      • Texture map merging in accordance with gltf specification.
VNTANA Platform
  • New features have been added to the bulk editing feature of the VNTANA Platform to open up more options.
    • Viewer Settings: You can now edit the individual viewer settings of your products from the Product List page. Simply select all products you wish to edit, click the Bulk Edit button (pencil icon) and toggle the Viewer Settings section. You can quickly switch between the selected products to change their Viewer Settings.
    • Optimization Settings: You can now more finely tune your Optimization Settings by using the bulk editing tool to set a specific sub-setting within an Optimization category.
      • For example, now you can just set the Force Polygon Count setting instead of having to set all of Geometry Optimization settings.
      • When changing individual settings, press the ‘Apply’ checkmark to the right of the setting in question to save it.
  • Added Bulk Send for Review feature.
    • Users with Content Manager status can now send products for review in bulk from the Product List page of your Organization. Simply select all products you wish to flag and press the Send for Review button 
    • Reviewers will now be notified by email when a product is sent for review.
  • Added status and download functionality regarding your product’s thumbnail.
    • When your product is processing, you can now see a status for the thumbnail generation both on the Product List page and on individual product pages.
    • You can now download the thumbnail generated for your product. The download option is available on the product’s page in the Download Assets section.
UI/UX Improvements
  • Updated the Embed error screen.
    • This screen appears when attempting to view an unpublished product using the embed iFrame or share link. It simply means the product needs to be ‘Published’ on the VNTANA Platform.
  • Updated the UI of the Product Creation form.
    • More information has been added to aid in the process of creating a product, including the addition of expanded tooltips and tooltips with images.
  • Updated the Hotspots feature to adapt in size to fit image content.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue which allowed Guest users to view the Authentication Key page.
  • Fixed an issue which saw ‘About to Expire’ notifications being sent to subscriptions that were already canceled. 
VNTANA Platform
  • Significant updates have been made to the Showrooms feature on Platform to allow increased visibility and sharing functionality for your teams.
    • Share Links
      • Share links for Showrooms have been updated with added functionality allowing you to generate custom share links for specific customers/teams.
        • A single showroom can have multiple share links, each with their own set of allowable users.
        • Users can be added for access to a share link without having to grant them access to your Organization on the Platform.
        • Users can be simply viewers or be granted editor access allowing them to change order counts.
      • The product attributes displayed in the Showroom can now be customized per share link.
        • When creating a share link, you can select which of the available attributes you want shown in that particular share links version of the Showroom.
        • This allows you to customize the data presented based on who will be viewing it.
      • Share links can also be setup with an expiration date, automatically disabling itself when reached preventing added users from continuing to access it.
    • Order Counts
      • In addition to expanded share link functionality, order counts can be placed by the users added to a share link.
        • In this way, you can create a share link for each of your vendors and they can indicate how many of each item they’d potentially need to order.
        • Only share link users with Editor access can change order counts.
      • When a user submits an order count change in a share link, you will be notified via email of the changes.
    • Showroom Styling
      • In addition to the new features on sharing and utilizing your showroom, there are now new ways you can customize the look of your showroom.
        • Row Size: You can indicate whether you would like to have 3, 4, or 5 products on each row.
        • Groups: when adding or editing the products in a showroom, you can now create groupings of products.
          • These will ensure that some subset of products are always together in the showroom and not spread throughout.
        • Colors: You can set the background color, font color, and divider color of the showroom.
          • Uses hex values: #000000
        • Background Image: You can upload an image to cover the background of the showroom.
          • The image can be set to Cover, Contain, or Tile.
        • Logos: You can upload an image to act as the showrooms logo as well as images for each share links logo. In this way, if a share link corresponds to a specific vendor you can add that vendors logo to their share link.
Admin API
  • The Admin API (link to overview) has been updated to include the expanded showrooms capabilities.
    • Endpoints for creating and editing showrooms have been updated to reflect the new styling and formatting capabilities.
    • New endpoints have been created to handle the creation of share links.
    • New endpoints have been created to provide information about the share links of a showroom including the products included and order counts placed.
    • New endpoints have been created to allow for the inviting of users to a share link.
VNTANA Platform
  • Following the recent changes made to the Showrooms feature of the Platform, a number of UI/UX improvements have been implemented.
    • Showroom Creation / Edit Form
      • The Attributes selection list has been moved to this stage of the Showroom process, previously it was handled from the Share Link form.

      • We’ve increased the number of products returned in a search to 50 from 10.

      • Added clarity / tooltips to certain fields or buttons.

      • The Showroom Name can now be toggled off.

    • Share Links
      • The black header bar that previously appeared in the Showroom view has been removed.

      • Only the Showroom logo will appear on the Showroom page.
      • Products that are in DRAFT status will now still appear in the Showroom with a DRAFT status shown in the upper left corner.
        • When viewing the Showroom from the Public Link (not the Share Link), they will still appear in the grid but the viewer will display a message indicating the Product isn’t published.

      • You can now update the role of user’s invited to your Share Links.

    • Showroom View Page
      • You can now click a ‘View’ button from the Share Links tab to see the Showroom as your invited Customers will see it.

      • Comments can now be added to each individual entry in the Showroom.

    • Cleaned up the data presented for each entry in the Showrooms Products tab.
      • Added an ‘Edit Product’ button to each entry in the Products tab view that will allow you to directly access that product’s page and make edits.

    • A report of the orders submitted by your Customer’s can now be downloaded as a CSV for each Customer in the Share Links tab.

Copy & Move
  • New functionality has been added to the platform allowing you to copy or “Clone” products without having to reupload the original 3D Asset.
    • You can keep all optimization settings, viewer settings, and metadata or make modifications before saving.
      • If there are no optimization settings changed then the product will be available for viewing and publishing right away, otherwise it’ll have to re-process.

    • You can even select the folder you wish the copied product to appear in.

    • Multiple products can be selected and copied in one action, similar to bulk editing products.
      • You can still set custom settings on an individual basis.

  • In addition to copying a product, you can now also move products between folders.
    • You can select an existing folder to move the product to, or directly create a new one at the same time.

    • As with copying, move actions can be handled in bulk as well.

Admin API
  • The Showrooms API has been updated to allow the download of the Order Count report for a specific Share Link.
  • The endpoints relating to Copy and Move functionality have been added to the Admin API
    • Added endpoint for moving Products.

    • Added endpoint for copying/cloning Products.

VNTANA Pricing

The changes presented in the July 13th, 2023 release notes pertain to a major change to the pricing model VNTANA’s services. For more information on the new pricing model, visit this page.

VNTANA Platform
  • Publish Status
    • With the new pricing plans, a major change has been made to what a Product’s Publish Status means.
      • Draft – the ‘free’ status, Products in this status do not incur any charges to your account as long as they remain in Draft for the entirety of a billing cycle.
        • These Products cannot be downloaded or have their viewer embedded in an external site.
      • Live Internal – the first paid status, setting a Product to Live Internal or Live Public will be counted towards your Live Product count once per month.
        • The optimized 3D files can be downloaded, but the viewer cannot be embedded in an external site.
      • Live Public – the second paid status, setting a Product to Live Public or Live Internal will be counted towards your Live Product count once per month.
        • The optimized 3D files can be downloaded and the viewer can be embedded in an external site.
    • Live Internal and Live Public do not stack charges, meaning a Product can be swapped between both of these statuses in a single month and will still only be counted once.
  • Dashboard
    • In accordance with the new pricing plan, the dashboard has been updated to reflect the new pertinent information about your Organization.
      • You will see a current / max count card at the top of your dashboard showing the total unique Live Products you have used in the current month.
        • This resets monthly.
        • For Pay-As-You-Go accounts, the max value can be set by visiting the Manage page of your Organization and clicking the Set Live Product Limit button.
          • Only the Organization Owner can do this.
    • The current total Live Products and monthly reset date are also available from the Manage section of your Organization.
  • Products List Page
    • The Publish button has been changed to a dropdown featuring the text Change State.
      • This dropdown will feature three options (see above for what these statuses mean for your Products):
        • Draft
        • Live Internal
        • Live Public
    • Reconvert and Publish has been split into two options:
      • Reconvert As Live Internal
      • Reconvert as Live Public
  • Product Page
    • A new Status icon will be shown above the upper right corner of the viewer, indicating the current publish status of the Product.
    • The Send For Review button is now always visible when a Product is in the Draft status.
      • When a Product is in review, the Approve button will now be a dropdown allowing you to approve the asset and set it to DRAFT, LIVE INTERNAL,  or LIVE PUBLIC.
    • The Embed Code will be disabled when viewing a Product that is in the DRAFT status.
    • The Download section will be disabled when viewing a Product that is in the DRAFT status.
      • The Original file will always be available to download, regardless of the publish status.
  • Product Creation Page
    • The Create button is now a dropdown with the options Draft, Live Internal, Live Public, and Send for Review, indicating the status to set the Product to upon completion of Optimization.
  • Product Edit Page
    • You can select to save your edits and automatically set the Product to Draft, live Internal, Live Public, or Send for Review by pressing the three dotted button next to the Save button.
      • The regular Save button will the retain the publish status that the Product had prior to editing.
Admin API
  • publishToStatus / status
    • In all of the following cases, the new possible status values are DRAFT, LIVE_INTERNAL, and LIVE_PUBLIC.
    • For the endpoints which may include a Product’s publish status, the following changes have been made:
      • For any endpoint which previously utilized the request body parameter autoPublish, this parameter is replaced with publishToStatus.
        • Affected Endpoints:
          • /v1/products
          • /v1/products/reconvert
          • /v1/products/move
          • /v1/products/clone
      • For the endpoint which sets the status of a Product, the possible values have been changed to the aforementioned statuses.
        • Affected endpoint:
          • /v1/products/status
VNTANA Platform
  • Attachments
    • Previously attachments added to a Product had a soft limit of 10MB’s. This has been updated to 100MB’s.

  • Live Internal Products
    • It is now possible to create a Product without uploading an asset and still have it set to Live Internal. This is to allow for bulk creation of empty Product’s while still having them be accessible via the API.
      • These Products do still count towards your monthly totals.

      • Live Public still requires an asset to be uploaded with the creation step in order for this status to be respected.

  • BlobId Copy changed to Download Link
    • The Copy button in the Downloads section of a Product page will no longer copy the BlobId of the selected 3D format, instead copying the Download Link for that format.

  • Analytics
    • Though the data was still being captured, the Analytics dashboard has not shown any new information since July 1st. This has been updated and reports will be generated correctly for that time and going forward.

Admin API
  • Products created with a publishToStatus of LIVE_INTERNAL will have this status even if a 3D asset isn’t uploaded to the Product.
    • This is to ensure the Product remains accessible via the API (DRAFT Products cannot be found via the API).

  • Updated the Product search endpoint to allow the filtering of results by the new Product statuses.
    • You can now pass LIVE_INTERNAL or LIVE_PUBLIC (or both) to filter the returned results.

    • DRAFT Products are not returned by Product searches.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue preventing subsequent updates to a 3D model’s orientation settings in the Viewer.

  • Fixed an issue in the MeshOptimizer preventing skinned CLO assets from appearing in the Viewer.

VNTANA Platform
  • Referral Credits
    • To compliment the restructured payment plans offered on the VNTANA Platform, we are introducing a Referral system wherein you can invite users to the Platform and receive 5 free credits for your assets as thanks.
      • The ‘Refer a Friend’ button can be found in the top bar when signed into the VNTANA Platform.
      • You can enter a friend/colleagues name and email to invite them to the Platform.
        • You will receive 5 free credits when they sign-up and upload their first 3D asset.
      • A new section has been added to your Organizations ‘Manage’ section which will show the number of referrals and the number of accepted referrals where an asset has been uploaded.
  • Publish Notice
    • We have added new messaging when publishing an asset to Live Internal or Live Public to confirm the action before completing.
  • Expanded Texture Compression Settings
    • We have expanded the Bake Ambient Occlusion options of the Optimization settings by adding 3 sub-options:
      • Ambient Occlusion Strength – the strength of the baked occlusion maps. Higher values will result in darker shadows.
      • Ambient Occlusion Radius – the shading range of the baked occlusion maps. This is a percentage of the asset size. Higher values mean that the shadows will appear in more places.
      • Ambient Occlusion Max Resolution – the image resolution of the baked occlusion maps. Higher resolution improves the quality of the AO map but increases the processing time.
  • Expanded Permitted Attachment Extensions
    • We have greatly expanded the list of permissible extensions for files uploaded to a Product as an attachment. These largely correspond to the large variety of file types involved with 3D design process in software such as CLO and Browzwear.
  • Showroom Public Links
    • The Public Showroom link can be copied from the top right corner of your Showroom page. This link will present a more generic view of the Showroom without the design options you may have selected.
      • The link can be shared with anyone without the need to invite the user to create an account.
  • Increased Upload Size Limit
    • Enterprise clients can now upload files up to 30GB in size.
      • Free, Pay as You Go, and Annual plans are still limited to 2GB in size.
Admin API
  • Added new sub-options for the bakeAmbientOcclusion Texture Compression setting when creating/updating/cloning a Product.
    • ambientOcclusionStrength – [0.1, 5.0] The strength of the baked occlusion maps. Higher values will result in darker shadows.
    • ambientOcclusionRadius – [1, 20] The shading range of the baked occlusion maps. This is a percentage of the asset size. Higher values mean that the shadows will appear in more places.
    • ambientOcclusionResolution – [512, 1024, 2048] The image resolution of the baked occlusion maps. Higher resolution improves the quality of the AO map but increases the processing time.
VNTANA Platform
  • JigSpace Pipeline
    • Added a new Optimization Pipeline designed for assets going into JigSpace.
    • This pipeline is based on the Preserve UVs and Meshes pipeline but with a smaller default poly count.
  • Transparent Depth Write
    • A new viewer setting has been added called Transparent Depth Write.
    • Enabling Depth Write may improve the visual quality of transparent materials by utilizing the depth buffer.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issues which prevented the proper saving and loading of Presets due to new Bake Ambient Occlusion settings.
  • Fixed an issue which removed tags from a Product when the Model’s orientation settings were updated.
  • Fixed an issue with attributes which caused the Edit Product page to fail to reload when attempting to add an attribute with invalid characters.

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