Platform Outputs: USDZ

VNTANA supports USDZ conversion. This means that VNTANA Platform converts assets to optimized GLB, USDZ, and FBX.

Conversion Process

  1. A file in a supported file format is uploaded.

    1. if the file is not a glTF, it is converted to one.

  2. The glTF is optimized by the MeshOptimizer with the user settings (Unless the selected pipeline is Convert Only, in which case the optimization is skipped).

  3. Optimized glTF is converted to supported output formats before applying draco compression, in this case USDZ.

Supported within the Optimized USDZ

Platform’s optimized USDZ contains all of the data that the optimized asset has, including the PBR materials, texture maps, and skinning. There is a limited support for glTF extensions and those supported are listed below.

Not Supported within the Optimized USDZ

Listed here are the unsupported features in the USDZ converter. However, some features that might be supported by the converter and that would result in a valid USDZ, might not be supported by iOS.

E.g. even if morph animations were supported in conversion, iOS still doesn’t support them at the time of writing.

  • Morph animations

  • glTF extensions, unless stated otherwise


  1. Why did Platform fail to generate a USDZ?

    1. If the glTF/GLB uploaded included Draco Compression no files will be generated. We do not support Draco Compression on input for any file.

    2. If the input model doesn’t have Draco, you’ve encountered a bug, please report it.

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