Platform Outputs: GLB

VNTANA uses gl transfer format (glTF), as it’s own internal transfer format. This means that all other formats are converted to and from glTF.

GLB files are just a binary version of glTF, and are functionally equivalent. In this document we’ll use “glTF“ as an encompassing term for glTF, embedded glTF and GLB files.

Conversion Process

  1. A file in a supported file format is uploaded.

    1. if the file is not a glTF, it is converted to one.

  2. The glTF is optimized by the MeshOptimizer with the user settings (unless the selected pipeline is Convert Only, in which case the optimization is skipped).

  3. Optimized glTF is converted to supported output formats (USDZ/FBX).

    1. If selected by the user, Draco compression is applied to the optimized glTF.

  4. This glTF is the final process’ output. It is also used by the Thumbnail Generator to generate the thumbnail for the viewer.

Supported within the Optimized GLB

Not Supported within the Optimized GLB

  • KHR_draco_mesh_compression is not supported on input.

  • KHR_materials_variants is not supported at all.

  • More than 2 UV sets are not supported.

  • More than one vertex color channel isn’t supported.

  • More than four vertex weights/joints aren’t supported.

  • Different KHR_texture_transforms on the same material are supported by the conversion process, but not by the VNTANA 3D viewer. 

Import the Optimized GLB

It is recommended to import the optimized GLB into game engines/ real time render engines that support glTF/ GLB format like Unity, Unreal, Snapchat, Spark AR, etc. Blender and Clo also support GLB.

Once imported, you may need to season to taste/ follow software specific steps to load the GLB into the scene.

Not all applications support Draco Compression.


  1. Why did Platform fail to generate a GLB?

    1. If the glTF/GLB uploaded included Draco Compression no files will be generated. We do not support Draco Compression on input for any file.

    2. If the input model doesn’t have Draco, you’ve encountered a bug, please report it.

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