Platform Inputs

VNTANA Platform supports a large variety of 3D file formats for optimization.

We’ll outline the formats supported and not supported, as well as best practices to follow when uploading 3Ds to Platform for optimization.

Supported File Formats

We support the following file formats on Platform.

  • glTF (as either glTF, embedded glTF or binary glb)

  • Wavefront OBJ

    • TIFFs are not supported
  • FBX

  • STL

  • USDZ

Animations (including skins, rigs and morphs) are supported.

Best Practices when uploading to Platform

Below are best practices to follow when uploading 3D assets to Platform.

  • glTF/GLB

    • If the files is a non-embedded glTF, zip the gltf, bin, and texture files.

    • The file is valid. This can be checked in the glTF validator.

  • OBJ

    • Materials and texture are correctly set up in the MTL file.

    • Textures should all be in the same format.
    • Zip the OBJ, MTL and texture files.
  • FBX

    • Embed media/textures.

    • Textures should all be in the same format.

  • USDZ


For software-specific export guidelines reference our Resources Export Directions for your software.

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