NX CAD Export Guidelines

In this guide, we will walk through exporting your assets from NX CAD, converting to a .glb in Blender, and uploading to VNTANA.

Let’s dive in!

From NX CAD, we want to make sure to export our asset as a .dxf.


After we export our .dxf from NX CAD, we will import it into Blender. Ensure that Blender is installed and the .dxf plug-in enabled. If you do not have Blender installed, you can download it here.

To enable the .dxf plug-in within Blender navigate to Edit → Preferences.


Within the Preferences window click the Add-Ons section.


In the search field, type in dxf.


The Import – Export AutoCAD DXF Formation (.dxf) add-on will appear. Click the checkbox to enable it.


Now, with our add-on enabled, we can import our file.
To do this, Navigate to File → Import → dxf.


Navigate to your .dxf file and import it into Blender.


Now that it is in, we can export it as a glb.

To do this, navigate to File → Export Selected → glb (ensure the 3D model is selected before exporting).


This will open the glb export window, allowing you to define the export location and settings. We recommend disabling animation and enabling selected objects (from the include drop-down)


Finally, click Export and now you are ready to upload to VNTANA.
Happy Uploading!

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