KeyShot 10

Material Note:

Please ensure that your material is Opaque, Translucent materials may not export correctly.
We Recommend if using a normal map make sure that the Normal flag is enabled in the texture settings. To find this, click on the texture tab, select the bump slot of the material and then scroll all the way down to bump and then make sure Normal bump is checked

Keyshot Screenshot 1

Exporting your asset from Keyshot to the Vntana platform is a pretty streamlined process in Keyshot 10.

From the file menu navigate to File > Export > Export to AR

This will bring up a menu asking you where you would like to save the file, select the folder in which you would like the glb to be saved in.

This will bring up the settings of the actual Keyshot asset bake, we recommend using the following settings:

Keyshot Screenshot 2

Texture DPI300 DPI (if more texture resolution is required try 600)
Include ambient occlusion (AO)True
Number of Samples64
Prefer GeometryPrefer Geometry Nodes (this ultimately should be dictated by how the asset was constructed, in testing we found that Prefer Geometry produced better results)

These are just base line settings, in our sample files we noted there was an asset that required the DPI to be set at 600 in order to produce a high quality export.

Note bake times and file size drastically increased – 300mb vs 1.2gb
(with the above settings we saw bake times around 10 minutes on an I9-10850k 3.6, 64gb RAM, 2080 Super)

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