Jewelry Exports – Rhino

Here are instructions on how to export your jewelry files from Rhino. Please make sure to adhere to the naming conventions on the table below.


If you prefer to use Layers to set up your materials, here are instructions on how to export with Layers from Rhino. 


Current Materials

Here’s a list of current materials supported in our viewer.

Please use the following table to determine which Material you would like to use. On the right side is the proper name to give to the Material for it to show up.

Material Type Material Name (Use this for Your Materials)
Amethyst GemAmethyst_gem
Aquamarine GemAquamarine_gem
Black Diamond GemBlackDiamond_gem
Blue Diamond GemBlueDiamond_gem
Brown Diamond GemBrownDiamond_gem
Citrine GemCitrine_gem
Diamond GemDiamond_gem
Emerald GemEmerald_gem
Golden Pearl GemGoldenPearl_gem
Morganite GemMorganite_gem
Mozambique Garnet GemMozambiqueGarnet_gem
Peridot GemPeridot_gem
Ruby GemRuby_gem
Sapphire GemSapphire_gem
Spessartie Garnet GemSpessartieGarnet_gem
Tahitian Pearl GemTahitianPearl_gem
Tanzanite GemTanzanite_gem
Tsavorite Garnet GemTsavoriteGarnet_gem
White Gold MetalWhiteGold_metal
White Pearl GemWhitePearl_gem
Yellow Diamond GemYellowDiamond_gem
Rose Gold MetalRoseGold_metal
Pink Diamond GemPinkDiamond_gem
Rhodolite Garnet GemRhodoliteGarnet_gem
Opal GemOpal_gem
Swiss Blue Topaz GemSwissBlueTopaz_gem
Yellow Gold MetalYellowGold_metal

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