FBX Requirements

  • Version: 2014/2015 or newer
  • Type: Binary or ASCii
  • Embedded Media enabled
  • Up Axis: Y up
  • Materials should be PBR and embedded
  • Animations are not currently supported

Format Agnostic Guidelines

Where ever possible do not combine your meshes, our optimization supports instancing which allows us to detect submeshes that are the same and instance them on our platform.

It is recommended that you convert your materials to PBR materials prior to export. This will result in a better fidelity render. We support the metallic roughness PBR workflow, please refer to the tool specific guides below for specific setups.

FBX geometry animation data is removed from the model by the VNTANA platform, future releases will maintain animations. Other animation data (colors, lights, cameras…) is preserved.

It is recommended that you export only the mesh data, when exporting select only the mesh. Please refer to the tool guides for details on how to do this below.

Any images embedded in the files will be saved out as .pngs

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