Make sure to save your file before configuring the file for export.

Once it is saved, in your object browser click Topstitch and then select all your topstitching (hold down control and click each one).

Then In the property editor change the Type from OBJ to Texture

Now select the Fabric Tab.

There are two things you will need to check for:

  1. Under the Normal map drop down please ensure that the normal map intensity is less than 10

In the example below a normal map intensity of 5 will adjust the intensity for the normal map to 50%
this will result in a “softer” or more subtle look.

  1. Next your material needs to have a a roughness map. Check that you see one listed below:

If you do not have a roughness map it will render in spec/gloss and may not match what you have in the view port inside of Clo. Please select a map that is nearest to the value you are trying to recreate. You can create a map to match your roughness value in photo editing software. To create a color for your roughness map, create a grey scale color and edit its HSV (HSB in photoshop) value. Adjust the V (B in photoshop) property to the desired roughness value. Or download any of the roughness maps below:

Once you have your roughness map, add it by scrolling down to the roughness section make note of the value and click the drop down for intensity and select map.

In this example the Roughness value is 50

With map selected click on the four square icon.

Then select your texture from the file window that appears.

GLTF 2.0 (GLB) Export

After you have adjusted the topstitching and the material we are now ready to export your asset. Anything that is visible in the scene will be exported and anything hidden will not be exported. Navigate to:

File>Export>glTF 2.0 (GLB)

Navigate to: File > Export > glTF 2.0 (GLB)

Make sure the following settings are selected and then click OK:

Under Object

  • Select “Multiple Objects”
  • Select “Thick”

Under Scale

  • Ensure the units is set to M
  • Axis Conversion
  • Ensure Y up
  • File
  • Enable Zip and compress

Now you can upload to VNTANA!

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