In order to do 3D on the web you have to have GLB/glTF files with real-time PBR materials. In Browzwear you can use:

  • Metallic
  • Roughness
  • Diffuse
  • Normal

You cannot use pre-rendered materials as these require physics that are only inside of Browzwear and do not work on the web. The materials that do not work on the web (whether in VNTANA’s viewer or others) are:

  • Displacement Maps (Ray Trace Only)
  • Subsurface Scattering
  • Specular
  • Specular Tint
  • Fur

If you use these and try to export a GLB or upload a native Browzwear file to VNTANA, you will see errors. This applies to any web application (eCommerce, AR, social media, etc), not just the VNTANA platform.


Welcome to the Browzwear Export Guide! Please download our custom VNTANA Export settings below and follow the steps to import into your Export window. If you’d like to manually input our recommended settings, please scroll down to Manual Input and follow the steps.

Please Download This Link Below:

Standard Export

  • Drape your garment on the Avatar
  • File → Export → Save As .glb

    Browzwear Export Guidelines - File Export

  • Save your file with the proper name in the correct location
  • Click the down arrow next to New Export Preset → Import

  • Locate the file downloaded at the top of the page → Press Open
    • The export values should populate in your Export window
  • Press Export

Manual Input

If you need to manually input your values, follow the steps below:

  • Input the values shown below to your Export Window

  • Garment Inside
  • Garment Thickness
  • Scale x 0.01
  • Baked Textures
    • File Format: PNG
  • DPI 125
  • Single UV Per Piece
    • Keep Proportions (0-1)
  • Alpha Mode: Mask
  • Metallic/Roughness
  • Export

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