We recommend exporting your models in the .glb file format, this requires Open Babylon, which comes with the .glb exporter (GitHub Repository)

After you have installed the the plug in, you should see Babylon in your file menu bar.

Now we are ready to export!

With your asset selected click Babylon > Babylon File Exporter

3DS Babylon File Explorer

When exporting your asset please ensure these settings are checked:

3DS Babylon Settings

If you are exporting with animations please ensure your animation adheres to these restrictions:

  • Animations must be baked on to the actual geometry
  • We do no support skeletal animations
  • Do Not Optimize Animations must be checked in your export settings, if it is checked then your animation curves could be interpreted incorrectly

Click export and a GLB file will be exported to the location you defined.

If you do not have Open Babylon or you are using an oder version of 3DSMax, you can export an FBX.

3DSMax Export Settings for FBX:

  • Turbo smooth enabled
  • Convert deforming dummies to bones
  • Preserve edge orientation
  • Version: 2014/2015 or newer
    Type: Binary
  • Embedded Media enabled
  • Up Axis: Y up


Physical Material

In order to have PBR materials in Max we recommend that you convert all of your materials to a “Physical Material”, we support inputting values for the following fields:

  • Base Color
  • Metallic
  • Roughness

For best visual fidelity results on more complex materials we recommend using a power of 2 texture saved as a .png. That map is then plugged into its respective slot as defined below:

  • Albedo to Base Color
  • Metallic to Metallic
  • Roughness to Roughness
  • Normal to Bump

3DSMax Physical Material

If your material requires transparency we need to have a Color map with an Alpha embedded in the image file. We recommend a power of 2 .TGA saved out in a 32 bit format.

We recommend TGA since this allows you to save out an alpha channel from Photoshop, Photoshop only allows Alphas via transparent backgrounds in your image document when saving out as a PNG.

If you are using a .png with a transparent background please ensure that the texture Alpha source is set to Image alpha with pre-multiplied Alpha enabled:

3DSMax Image Settings

In the Material make sure Transparency is set to 1:

3DSMax Material Settings

Please also make sure the Texture map is plugged into the following:

  • Base Color Map
  • Transparency Color Map

3DSMax Transparent Material

After you have applied the materials to your model we need to prepare it for export. To do this we want to move the asset to origin. The easiest way to do this is to select your model and in the transform box zero out the values for X, Y and Z (the transform box is located on the right side of the UI under the animation timeline).

3DSMax Animation Timeline

After that we want to reset the models XForms, this can be found in the Utilities tab with your model selected. (note this may cause some faces to invert depending on how the model was constructed)

3DSMax Reset XForm

The last step in preparing the model for export is to collapse the stack located in your modify tab. With your model selected, click on the Modify tab and on the top of the stack, right click and select collapse all.

3DSMax Collapse Stack

You will see a warning saying you will not be able to change the parameters of the modifiers you have applied when you perform this action, click yes.

The last step is making sure we are only selecting the geometry. To do this, the easiest way is to open up your scene explorer:

3DSMax Scene Explorer

Then Alt-Left Click the top icon in the stack on the left hand side of the window.

This will only display Geometry. Select your asset from the scene explorer:

3DSMax Scene Explorer

With your model selected go to File > Export > Export Selected

This will allow you to select the desired export location and file name. After you have defined those parameters, the FBX options will appear. Please make sure to enable the below settings:

  • Turbo smooth enabled
  • Convert deforming dummies to bones
  • Preserve edge orientation
  • Version: 2014/2015 or newer
    Type: Binary
  • Embedded Media enabled
  • Up Axis: Y up

3DSMax Format

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