Throughput is just a measure of how much data is being uploaded into the system and optimized. Because we optimize files automatically when you upload them (reducing their size by up to 99%), we use throughput as a type of meter – like the water meter on your house – to gauge how much content is being uploaded into the system and optimized.

Throughput is a fairer way of measuring the 3D assets that are being uploaded and optimized. For customers with smaller files and tons of assets, limits on “uploads per month” are restrictive. Truthfully, we think they’re just plain unfair. Throughput balances the playing field for all our customers regardless of your average file size or the number of assets you manage.

No. We’re determined to keep our pricing transparent and easy to understand. We believe you should be free to use the VNTANA system without unnecessary restrictions. That’s why we don’t limit the number of users you can have, the size of files you upload, the number of files you upload, or how much data you store on the system at any given time. The more you and your colleagues use VNTANA, the more value you get – and the happier we are that we’re helping you achieve your goals. Our pricing is designed to ensure that you only pay for features that add real value to your business – like when we optimize your 3D assets or when you display those optimized assets in your sales and marketing efforts.

Sure! We offer discounts on multi-year agreements – like two- and three-year contracts. We also charge a little extra for payment flexibility like monthly or quarterly payment terms. Either way, we want to work with you, so let us know what you need.

You sure can! For free, and you don’t even have to ask because we don’t brand our viewer in our paid plans – ever. Your assets deserve to shine in all their glory and your brand should be the only brand in your buyers’ minds.

A view is counted anytime a VNTANA-optimized asset is used outside of the system. This could include a view in a 3D web viewer, a view in the 3D Digital Showroom, an optimized asset being pulled via API into another system, or an export (i.e. download) from the system. Your view limit refreshes each month.

No problem at all! We offer additional bundles that can easily expand your monthly view limits, and we’ve priced them fairly to allow your business to thrive without being penalized for your success.

 If you work for a large business or an agency that would like to customize your 3D web viewer, integrate VNTANA with your other tools or enterprise systems programmatically, allow your users to sign in and authenticate through single sign-on with your existing systems, or connect to VNTANA through secure VPN tunnels, then our Enterprise plan is for you.

For most small and mid-sized businesses, the Business plan is a great place to start. You can expand the plan as you grow – anytime you’d like. The only time you’ll need to move up to an Enterprise plan is for the big business functionality we offer in that package.

The Free Forever plan is best for freelance 3D artists and designers, small businesses, and those looking to kick the tires of VNTANA before jumping into a paid plan.

For our Enterprise plan, yes, because that’s how most of our customers like to buy. On our Business plan, you can get started on a monthly subscription, paid by credit card, for just $650/month – a small premium for the added flexibility. You’ll obviously get a better deal if you sign up for a full year, and you’ll also lock in your pricing for the duration of your contract, so do keep in that mind

We offer Onboarding for every paying customer. Our goal is to get you up to speed and seeing real value as quickly as possible. We can assist with product training, getting your initial assets uploaded, and troubleshooting those inevitable hiccups that occur when you’re learning a new platform.

We do! We offer a number of consulting services that can help you use the VNTANA platform to its full potential. Need to 3D scan your assets because you don’t design in 3D? – We have awesome partners across the globe who can help with that, too.

All of our paid plans include customer support at no additional cost. You’ll also have access to a growing resource center filled with videos and pro tips to help you get the most out of VNTANA. For Business users, you’ll receive email-based support with guaranteed next-business-day response times (often much faster). And for Enterprise customers, we’ll add on live, phone support every business day from 8AM to 5PM Pacific Time. While these support levels should be all you need, we’ll continue to expand our support options as we grow to ensure you’re always covered with the level of support you need.

We work with a wide variety of 3D files and formats. Technically, we support .FBX, .OBJ, .STL, .glb, &.glTF files. Although we’re not limited to these design programs, some of the most common programs our clients use include Modo, Keyshot, Romans CAD, 3D Scans, Browzwear, Clo, Rhino, Optitex, 3DSMax, Maya, & SolidWorks. We’ve put together best practices for exporting from these programs that can be viewed here. Following these instructions ensures your file will look great on the VNTANA Platform.