Welcome to the World of Mixed-Reality Shopping

A Los Angeles-based startup is changing the way people shop online. VNTANA’s software powers 3D shopping experiences. Co-founder and CEO Ashley Crowder explains how it all works on “Bloomberg Technology.”

VNTANA CEO Ashley Crowder talks with Bloomberg about how VNTANA’s 3D Commerce Platform is changing e-commerce by giving customers such a better understanding of a product by allowing them to view it in 3D and AR. 

The challenge VNTANA is solving is that to date it has been really challenging for brands to create 3D assets that are in the right size and format for eCommerce use. We can help reduce the time to create these assets by more than 80%. 

The issue is scale. It’s one thing to manually optimize a few products for eCommerce use, it’s another to do it for 25,000 products. The VNTANA software automatically optimizes files and converts them into the formats needed for the web, social, advertising, and more. Instead of taking days or weeks of a 3D artist’s time to optimize a single asset, VNTANA can automatically optimize that file in a matter of minutes. 



VNTANA on Bloomberg