VNTANA Partners with METALUXE: Suit-Inspired NFTs

Metaluxe, the trailblazing digital identity project forged by fashion veteran Chuck Hellman and digital strategist Christian Barker, is revealing their upcoming launch of the Metaluxe genesis NFT collection – an unprecedented synergy between fashion and augmented reality set on a decentralized stage.

Stemming from the two founders’ experience in amassing an online presence of over 4 million social media followers for its storied men’s fashion company, Hellman Retail Group, the move to NFTs seemed a fitting evolution into the next digital frontier.

The Metaluxe genesis NFT collection contains 10,000 expertly crafted suits, each designed by hand without the help of generative algorithms. Envisioned by the team behind an existing well-known & highly successful fashion brand, the suits are a reflection of Chuck’s 30+ years in the luxury fashion sector and Metaluxe’s artistic intuition for the future.

Each individual suit will unlock an identical and manipulatable version in augmented reality, allowing Metaluxe genesis collection holders to pose, model, and create content with their digital identities. This hand-curated collection sets the stage for Metaluxe’s entry into Web3 by combining straightforward utility and expert design that brings these suits to life.

In embarking on this project, the Metaluxe vision is to bring together a growing community by providing – and continually developing – immersive mixed reality experiences. While poised to deliver the tools necessary to accelerate digital identity capabilities, Metaluxe is intent on engaging the Web3 community with transparency and integrity.

To bring its suits to life, Metaluxe has partnered with VNTANA, a leader in the SaaS and 3D augmented reality space. VNTANA’s 3D Commerce Platform automatically optimizes 3D files and creates a sharable 3D web viewer, so all Metaluxe genesis collection holders can place and pose their suits in any environment and create their own photo/video content through the built-in camera tool.

Other key aspects of the Metaluxe genesis NFT collection will include entry into the Luxe Club – a community built around Metaluxe, as well as special access opportunities for holders, including token-gated experiences, custom designer wearables, and future drops.

To explore further the world of Metaluxe, discover more on their main site:, as well as Discord and Twitter. Access imagery via this link