VNTANA PTC Integration

Unlock the power of your assets by giving all PLM users the ability to collaborate in 3D.

Collaborate Seamlessly on 3D in PLM

View and annotate 3D assets alongside product spec data, enabling users to provide feedback and take action all in one system. You can drop a pin right on the 3D file so it’s easy to communicate your changes. Tag a specific user in a comment to ensure they are notified about the request.

Single Source of Truth for 3D

Efficient 3D Product Design & Collaboration.

  • Manage digital material definitions in FlexPLM, for use in 3D tools
  • Search and access Colors, Palettes and Materials
  • Search and access existing designs
  • Leverage virtual samples instead of physical samples
  • Centrally manage design assets in FlexPLM, providing access to all product development
3D Product Design

10x Load Speed of 3D

VNTANA’s patented algorithms automatically reduces 3D file sizes by over 95% while maintaining high visual fidelity so you can instantly view and interact with 3D models in FlexPLM. This includes all apparel and footwear design programs: Browzwear, Clo, Modo, Keyshot, Rhino, and more.

Automatically Get Files Needed for Sales & Marketing

VNTANA automatically creates GLB and USDZ versions of the 3D designs so your sales & marketing team has everything they need for 3d eCommerce, social media, and advertising platforms as well as game-engines like Unity and Unreal to create virtual fashion shows. The software automatically optimizes the files so they meet the polygon and size limit standards.

Accelerate Your
Digital Transformation

Learn how our platform can automate your 3D process.