Automatically Compress 3D Files to Share Anywhere

VNTANA’s Intelligent Optimization™ algorithms automatically optimize your 3D file by up to 99% while maintaining ultra-high visual quality. Unlike other optimization solutions, there is no manual work required.  Our patented optimizer is fully automated and knows exactly when to stop decimating so the shape and fidelity of your 3D file is always preserved. Think of us as the 3D version of Youtube or Vimeo! 

Why is 3D Optimization Necessary?

Optimizing 3D models is crucial to creating AR and web-based 3D experiences. Without small optimized 3D models, AR wouldn’t exist because mobile phones and AR headsets can’t handle large 3D design files in their original state. And, since AR helps consumers better understand a product, having compelling imagery that is properly optimized is a must for selling products online.

Without an automated 3D optimization tool like VNTANA, your designers would be forced to spend hours manually optimizing each asset for each end use case.

Intelligent Optimization™ for Maximum Quality

Our optimizer prioritizes areas of higher detail while optimizing safer areas of the asset. We perform “atomic decimation,” meaning we look at each individual edge of a polygon to determine how safe it is before collapsing it. Additionally, we employ normal baking and small feature baking which allows us to convert detailed geometry, like stitches, into a simple plane with a normal map and diffuse map baked in.

What is Texture Baking?

One of our most popular blog posts is the definitive source on texture baking and why it’s so important.

Optimization That is More Than Just Decimation

In addition to decimating assets, we also optimize textures and sanitize assets to ensure they are as lightweight as possible. Sanitization processes include fixing flipped normals, fixing incorrect polygon windings, removing degenerate polygons, and removing extraneous metadata. With regard to textures, we resize textures to hit a target texel density while also merging materials to ensure the fewest number of draw calls with the highest quality look.

Create Presets for Different Destinations

Quality control is critical! Create optimization presets so everyone on your team has the power of our Intelligent Optimization at their fingertips. Now anyone on your team can select an approved preset to optimize their 3D assets according to your specifications. VNTANA can optimize for channels such as eCommerce, Google, Meta, Snapchat, Amazon,, Augmented Reality, and more.

Fully Customizable Optimization Engine

Our 3D optimizer has over 40 different flags to customize the 3D optimization pipeline to get the perfect output file for your needs and preferences. This allows you to tune the optimizer for virtually any use case including AR try-on, creating lightweight editable files for Adobe Substance and Keyshot, and other internal use cases. For example, you can optimize the geometry while preserving the mesh and color group blocks to bring the asset into Adobe Substance to texture after optimization. 

“The process of preparing and optimizing thousands of assets for multiple platforms was easily implemented through VNTANA saving us a significant amount of time in production.”

Arran Royle

Senior CG Producer at Adidas

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