Ashley Crowder chats with Claire Fauquier on Mind of a Founder

In this series, “The Mind of a Founder”,  Claire Fauquier  rounds up thoughts from founders of Corigin Ventures funded companies to share with the community. 

In this Mind of a Founder episode, I talked to three of our founders, all working in hardware. Following no particular order, they are: Luke Schoenfelder of Latch, Ashley Crowder of VNTANA, and Jerry Hu of Meural. Below, find a brief description, in the founders’ own words:

Latch: “Latch provides seamless access to a building. It is something a building buys to benefit everyone . Moreover, Latch makes it easier for everyone to do what they need to do in a modern building.”

VNTANA: “VNTANA builds the world’s only scalable and interactive hologram systems. Additionally, we incorporate data collection capacbilities allowing brands to engage consumers in fun augmented reality experiences while collecting data for ROI.”

Meural: “Meural is a startup at the intersection of art and technology. So we build a digital canvas that enables people to stream art.”

Particularly interested? Read the full article here


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