Natascha French presents a virtual reality kiosk at the Vntana booth that allows customers to see themselves interacting with AR objects

CES unleashes a gold mine of self-serve retail technology

Feb. 7, 2018 | by Elliot Maras

As consumer technology brings new conveniences, retailers and brands are finding they have to work harder to stay on top of emerging innovations. Those attending the recent CES event in Las Vegas found a gold mine of self-service products designed to help retailers and brands stay relevant as e-commerce continues to grab more of the retail market.

Self-serve kiosks, along with smartphones and tablets, have emerged as a solution for brands that have recognized the need to have both a physical and online presence. Where many brick-and-mortar retailers are looking to expand their e-commerce capabilities, e-commerce retailers are discovering the need for a physical presence.

Vntana kiosk projects interactive holograms

A kiosk from Vntana projects interactive holograms on a screen that enable users to see themselves interacting with AR objects. The platform is designed to enable brands to provide an interactive customer experience.

The customer first enters their information on a tablet or a kiosk. The customer can then share their experiences on social media.

The kiosk collects customer data from social media.

Where the hologram is the “wow” factor, the back end software provides lead generation for clients.

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