Empower Your Organization: Streamline 3D for Cost Reduction, Speed to Market, and Increased Sales

Secure & Collaborative 3D Sharing

  • Consolidate all 3D and 2D files in one place for easy search and retrieval, reducing waste and saving time.

  • Enable non-technical decision makers to review and provide feedback on designs through intuitive annotations; no CAD software expertise needed.

  • Enhance collaboration with remote teams and vendors, improving efficiency and reducing travel.

Showcase Complex Products & Highlight Your Superiority

  • Share 3D models with buyers to demonstrate your products’ advanced technology effortlessly.

  • Add hotspots with a click to explain product differentiators and highlight product features.

  • Create shareable links with full product lines in 3D to improve dealer training and boost sales.

Enhance Training and Product Manuals

  • Add interactive 3D walkthroughs to your website and manuals to improve training.

Key Platform Differentiators

RESTful API to easily integrate anywhere

3D Web Viewer with built-in AR available as a JavaScript Component or iFrame

Enterprise-grade security with Token-based authentication

100% automated 3D Optimization with Intelligent Optimization™

Built on microservices to scale infinitely

Compatibility with all leading 3D design programs

Headless CMS to provide flexibility and integrations where you need them

Webhooks for easy and efficient communication between platforms

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