“VNTANA’s Hollogram Selfie helped dramatize the result of using Vanish. It also echoed the modernity of the product itself.” – Mila Aldrin, Hourglass Director E-Commerce

Hourglass Cosmetics describes itself as an innovative beauty brand. So, it’s not surprising the global retailer, has been at the forefront of tapping new tools to enhance the customer experience.

When it came time to debut its Vanish Foundation Stick, Hourglass wanted an interactive way to demonstrate the product’s “virtual skin perfection”. Thus, they looked at multiple Artificial Reality options before finding VNTANA, which had just launched its Hollagram Selfie. In short, it couldn’t have been a better match! The VNTANA Hollagram experience proved a perfect fit to highlight and dramatize the Vanish Stick.VNTANA Hourglass Launch

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