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Give your customers a better shopping experience with 3D

Your Customers Prefer 3D. Tomorrow, customer expectations will be higher and demand for 3D and AR will increase. Will your company be ready? We can help you meet customer expectations.


US consumers are already actively using AR monthly in 2020


Consumers would pay more for a product that they could customize in AR


Consumers say they prefer retailers who offer AR experiences

Decrease Carbon Footprint & Costs with Digital Samples

3D models are completely replacing physical prototypes across industries. Digital prototypes allow teams to collaborate globally without the travel, shipment or build massively reducing carbon footprints. This also helps significantly reduce costs in new product development.

Wow B2B buyers with 3D digital showrooms, check out the example above.

Share 3D models with secure links & get instant feedback from internal and external stakeholders.

Complete consumer testing digitally with 3D products.

Speed up Time to Market

Having a single source of 3D truth across your organization and external organizations, from design through production, marketing and sales, lets you get to market faster with less effort while adhering to brand standards.

VNTANA has patented algorithms that optimize file sizes so designs are easily, instantly and securely shareable; no special apps are needed.

VNTANA also automatically provides optimized file types for ecommerce, social media and 3D advertising, saving time and cost.

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Enterprise Best Practices


We love seeing the amazing designs from our incredible freelance designer community! We have a special free version for freelancers to help you showcase your work. Consider VNTANA your 3D home! Share your designs with clients easily and securely through the web.

Get feedback on your 3D design – clients can view in 3D on the web and drop a pin to leave a note. Embed the 3D viewer in your portfolio to show-off your 3D design skills to all your prospective clients.

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Partner Community

VNTANA partners with leading technology companies around the world so you can leverage your 3D files across all ecosystems.

PTC’s industry-leading FlexPLM platform is now integrated with VNTANA to empower retail, apparel, footwear, and accessories companies to seamlessly scale their use of 3D in product design, development, and downstream consumer experiences. This industry-first partnership provides brands with the ability to automatically optimize 3D assets and their file sizes through VNTANA’s patented algorithms, making it significantly easier to use and collaborate with those assets than previously possible.

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VNTANA has partnered with 3D scanning companies around the world to help our clients on Shopify, Adobe Commerce Cloud, and SAP Commerce Cloud scan their products if they do not design in 3D today. VNTANA’s automated 3D content management system is compatible with a variety of 3D scanners including Artec, Faro, and Ion to name a few.

The VNTANA software can automatically optimize and convert your OBJ files to GLB and USDZ files ready for web and mobile. Easily share your work with clients through 3D web viewers with built in Augmented Reality. If you are a 3D Scanning Expert, reach out today to learn more about our partner program and get a free trial of our software!

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VNTANA is proud to partner with Browzwear, Adobe, SAP, Shopify, PolyGon Labs and more to meet the needs of the apparel industry. We work closely with these partners to make sure we provide solutions optimized for designer and enterprise needs. We are committed to partnering with best in class industry specific providers.

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We love meeting design students from around the world and helping them learn new skills! We have a special program for partner universities to offer our software to students for free.

  • Share your designs easily and securely through the web.
  • Experiment with 3D on the web and Augmented Reality.
  • Embed the 3D viewer on your portfolio to show-off your 3D design skills.

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Centralized platform eliminates manual processes and point solution silos.

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