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What Is Mesh Decimation and Why Is It Vital for AR?

Why Is Mesh Decimation Critical for 3D and Augmented Reality Applications? Mesh decimation is a method of 3D model optimization that simplifies images in order to shrink file size to improve load speed and meet the requirements of various platforms where the 3D models are

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What’s Your 3D eCommerce & AR Metaverse Strategy?

The metaverse is here! It reads like just an eye-catching headline, but 3D and AR experiences really are beginning to change how we meet, play, socialize, consume fashion and purchase products, and more. While still early, the metaverse and the audience are already here, and

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Beat Supply Chain Disruption With 3D and AR

Covid-19 has impacted the supply chain in what sometimes can feel like an insurmountable way. It has caused substantial impacts to everything from restaurants, grocery stores and other retail stores. From factories to ports and freight carriers, global supply systems are under such strain that

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VNTANA 3d Online Shopping

Shopping in 3D: Future Outlook and Predictions

Finding a channel that isn’t already being overused for advertising, consumer engagement, brand awareness and more is tough. Most digital channels are saturated with brands trying to get their message as well as their products out to the masses. In order to make even the

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VNTANA Announces Latest Funding Round, Targeting Market Expansion in 3D and AR eCommerce

VNTANA Announces Latest Funding Round

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–VNTANA, the industry leader in 3D Content Management Software (CMS), today announces its latest round of funding, which will be used to scale and continue recruitment of the top talent across the organization. The oversubscribed round included participation by notable investors including Mark

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Mark Cuban and former Oculus CEO back 3D e-commerce startup VNTANA

Mark Cuban and former Oculus CEO back 3D e-commerce

We are proud to announce our latest round of funding and some exciting new investors. This latest injection of capital is already helping VNTANA expand our Sales, Customer Success, Marketing, and Engineering teams as we increase the velocity on our mission to make 3D E-Commerce

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How 3D Models & XR are Changing Training

In their first guest piece for the VNTANA blog, Cortney Harding, CEO and Founder of the award-winning XR agency, Friends with Holograms, discusses the importance of high-quality 3D models and their innovative use in AR and VR training. Friends with Holograms is a transformational VR/AR

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Using PBR in Your 3D Model Design

Tips on Using PBR a.k.a. Physically Based Rendering in Your 3D Model Design PBR is quickly becoming a standard in 3D design. If you didn’t already know, PBR stands for physically based rendering. We are not talking beer, that’s a different PBR. PBR and photorealism

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Rethinking & Reordering Your Go-To-Market Strategy

Despite all the technological advances in the retail industry over the past few decades, the fundamental go-to-market (GTM) model is still broken. We design products, manufacture them, and then hope that we correctly picked the styles people want at the correct quantities. There’s a better

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