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Offline vs Real-Time Rendering

With 3D rendering increasingly being used in the fashion industry, we wanted to learn more about how brands can utilize it, and what the future holds for this technology. In this VNTANA Live discussion, we welcomed Yazan Malkosh, Founder and CEO at Swatchbook, Anna Violette,

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Real Time Virtual Try-On with WANNA

The shopping experience may be mostly digital for many shoppers today, but that doesn’t mean those online shoppers should receive a lesser experience. For online retailers, providing a great experience can be an extra challenge. But retailers who have successfully built great customer experiences online

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Experiential Retail and Immersive Retail: Making Shopping More Engaging

Experiential Retail and Immersive Retail: Two Trends Transforming Shopping Experiential retail and immersive retail are making shopping more engaging for both in-store and online customers. Experiential retail enhances in-store shopping by providing a more enjoyable atmosphere for experiencing products. Immersive retail improves online and in-store

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Product Configurators: Definition, Best Practices & Top Examples

Product Configurators: What You Need to Know to Provide 3D eCommerce Experiences Product configurators offer a solution to changing online shopper expectations. As consumer purchasing preferences progressively skew towards eCommerce, buyers crave interactive shopping experiences that increase purchase confidence. With the average rate of returns

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3D Product Image Creation: Five Steps for eCommerce

How to Create 3D Product Images for eCommerce Sites High-quality 3D product images enhance the engagement of your eCommerce site or online store by providing your customers with realistic previews of what you sell. This helps your customers make better buying decisions, increasing satisfaction and

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Augmented Reality Content

Augmented Reality Content: 4 Steps To Engaging AR Content

Augmented Reality Content: How to Create Engaging AR Content for eCommerce Creating augmented reality content positions your brand to increase customer engagement and boost your revenue. To realize the benefits of AR for your business, you first need to know how to develop augmented reality

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Augmented Reality Use Cases

Augmented Reality Use Cases: Six Top AR Applications in 2023

Augmented Reality Use Cases: Six Hot Trends in 2023 Augmented reality use cases have increased as more industries realize the value of this versatile technology trend. By overlaying digital information atop images of the physical world, AR technology transforms the customer experience in ways that

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