VF Corp Streamlines Operations and Boosts Efficiency with VNTANA’s 3D Automation

Case Study VF Corp


VF Corp, a global powerhouse in apparel design, was at the forefront of incorporating 3D technology across their product lifecycle. However, the challenge lay in the complexity of their 3D design files, originating from various platforms such as Browzwear, Keyshot, Modo, and others. These files were too large and not in the right format for seamless integration across the organization, leading to days of manual work by 3D artists. With a need to streamline design reviews, merchandise planning, retail go-to-market meetings, and eCommerce, VF Corp sought a solution that could automate 3D content conversion and distribution at scale with many different 3D design programs.



  1. 3D design files from multiple platforms were too large and not in the right format for organization-wide use.
  2. Days of manual work required for 3D artists to optimize each design for various purposes.
  3. Infeasible scaling for a company launching thousands of products annually.


Solution: VNTANA’s Centralized 3D Digital Asset Management Platform:

VF Corp partnered with VNTANA to implement a centralized 3D digital asset management solution, aiming to automate content conversion and distribution throughout the organization.


Implementation Steps:

  1. Integration with VNTANA Platform:

   VF Corp designated VNTANA as their central 3D digital asset management platform. Designers could upload 3D design files from various programs, and the platform instantly optimized them for web, social, and game-engine standards.

  1. Universal Accessibility and Ease of Use:

   The VNTANA platform was designed for ease of use, allowing anyone within the organization, regardless of their technical expertise, to access and utilize 3D content. This facilitated design reviews, merchandise planning, B2B sales presentations, and eCommerce.



  1. Efficient Content Conversion and Distribution:

   By centralizing 3D digital asset management with VNTANA, VF Corp eliminated the need for days of manual work to optimize each 3D design. The platform’s automation capabilities streamlined content conversion and distribution, making it efficient and scalable.

  1. Immediate Deployment Across Functions:

   The optimized 3D content could be immediately deployed for line reviews, merchandise planning, B2B sales presentations, and eCommerce, improving the speed at which VF Corp could bring products to market.

  1. Organization-Wide Accessibility:

   The VNTANA platform’s user-friendly design ensured that individuals across the organization, regardless of their technical proficiency, could easily access and utilize 3D content. This democratization of access contributed to enhanced collaboration and communication.

  1. Significant Cost Reduction and Increased Speed to Market:

   The automation of 3D content conversion and distribution resulted in significant cost reduction for VF Corp. The streamlined processes also contributed to an increased speed to market, enabling the company to stay competitive in a fast-paced industry.



VF Corp’s collaboration with VNTANA exemplifies the transformative impact of centralized 3D digital asset management in the apparel industry. By automating content conversion and distribution, VF Corp achieved efficiency gains, cost reduction, and increased speed to market. The user-friendly nature of the VNTANA platform ensured universal accessibility, allowing individuals across the organization to harness the power of 3D technology. This successful implementation positions VF Corp at the forefront of leveraging innovative solutions to enhance operations and maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic world of apparel design.


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