Refinery Transforms eCommerce Experience and Drives Sales Growth with VNTANA’s 3D and AR Solution

Case Study Refinery


Refinery, a forward-thinking fashion brand, aimed to elevate its eCommerce experience by incorporating 3D and augmented reality (AR) features. Recognizing the challenges of using their existing Browzwear designs, which were too large in their original format for seamless web integration, Refinery sought a solution that could automate their 3D content from design to eCommerce in order to enhance customer engagement and boost online sales.



  1. Desire to improve consumer experience with 3D and AR on the eCommerce site.
  2. Need for a 3D & AR web viewer that works seamlessly on mobile devices where the majority of their consumers shopped.
  3. Existing Browzwear designs were too large in their original format for effective use on the web.


Solution: VNTANA’s 3D and AR Integration for eCommerce:

Refinery collaborated with VNTANA to address their challenges and implement a cutting-edge solution to enhance their eCommerce platform with 3D and AR capabilities, automating their content creation from design.


Implementation Steps:

  1. Seamless Integration of 3D and AR Web Viewer:

   VNTANA provided Refinery with a 3D & AR web viewer that seamlessly integrated into their eCommerce site, ensuring optimal functionality on mobile devices.


  1. Utilization of Existing Browzwear Designs:

   VNTANA’s solution allowed Refinery to use their existing Browzwear designs, overcoming the challenge of large file sizes. VNTANA’s patented, intelligent optimized instantly converted the designs for web compatibility without compromising on quality.

refinary graphs


  1. Increased Consumer Engagement:

   Refinery observed a notable increase in consumer engagement with the incorporation of 3D and AR features compared to traditional 2D visuals. The immersive experience captured the attention of online shoppers, encouraging them to explore products more thoroughly.


  1. Boost in Online Sales:

   The enhanced eCommerce experience, empowered by 3D and AR, played a pivotal role in boosting online sales. Buyers gained confidence in their online purchases as they could now interact with products in a more dynamic and realistic manner.


  1. Insights Driving Product Imagery Enhancements:

   Refinery gained valuable insights into consumer behavior, with a majority of users zooming into specific details of the clothing that were not previously highlighted in product imagery. In response, Refinery adapted their approach by providing more close-up shots of buttons and logos in their product imagery, aligning with consumer preferences.



The collaboration between Refinery and VNTANA has demonstrated the transformative impact of 3D and AR technology in the realm of eCommerce. By seamlessly implementing a 3D & AR web viewer that catered to mobile users and optimizing existing Browzwear designs, Refinery not only increased consumer engagement but also witnessed a substantial boost in online sales without added cost since they could use existing designs. The ability to adapt product imagery based on user behavior showcases the valuable insights that technology-driven solutions can bring to refine and enhance the overall online shopping experience. Refinery’s success story serves as a testament to the effectiveness of strategic 3D and AR integration in driving customer satisfaction and eCommerce growth.