Otto International Accelerates Sales Cycles and Enhances Buyer Experience with VNTANA’s 3D Solution

Case Study Otto International


Otto International, a prominent Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) based in China, sought to revolutionize its sales processes and enhance the buyer experience. The company faced a challenge with a lengthy six-month sales cycle, primarily driven by the traditional use of physical samples. Otto International aimed to streamline and expedite the sales cycle while leveraging the benefits of 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) technology.


  1. Lengthy six-month sales cycles reliant on physical samples.
  2. Need to accelerate the sales cycle to close deals faster and meet client delivery expectations.
  3. Desire to leverage 3D and AR technology for enhanced client understanding.

Solution: VNTANA’s 3D Optimization for Sales Acceleration:

Otto International collaborated with VNTANA to implement a solution that would replace physical samples, significantly reducing the sales cycle and bringing cash into the door faster.

Implementation Steps:

1. Transition to 3D Digital Models:

VNTANA worked with Otto International to transition from traditional physical samples to 3D digital models. This allowed for a faster and more efficient representation of products that could be quickly adjusted based on client feedback.

2. Optimization of 3D Models:

VNTANA’s optimization technology ensured that the 3D digital models were not only visually appealing but also optimized for quick loading and seamless presentations. VNTANA’s showrooms feature enabled designers to create beautiful 3D line sheets in minutes for internal and external presentations.


1. Drastic Reduction in Sales Cycle:

Otto International successfully transitioned from a six-month sales cycle relying on physical samples to a remarkable three-week sales cycle using 3D digital models optimized by VNTANA. This drastic reduction significantly accelerated the sales process, bringing in revenue at a much faster pace and enabled their clients to get to market faster.

2. Improved Speed to Market:

The ability to turn around changes faster, facilitated by the use of 3D digital models, contributed to an improved speed to market. Otto International could adapt and respond to market demands more swiftly, enhancing their competitive edge.

3. Enhanced Client Experience with 3D and AR:

The incorporation of 3D and AR technology gave clients a better understanding of the products. This not only led to a higher conversion rate but also reduced cost in the amount of physical samples and photoshoots required.


Otto International’s collaboration with VNTANA has demonstrated the transformative impact of 3D technology on sales cycles and client engagement. By replacing physical samples with optimized 3D digital models, Otto International achieved a remarkable reduction in the sales cycle, bringing in revenue faster and improving overall speed to market. The integration of 3D and AR not only enhanced the consumer experience but also aligned with industry trends and studies showcasing the significant impact of 3D content on conversion rates. Otto International’s success story stands as a testament to the power of innovative solutions in driving efficiency and competitiveness in the ODM sector.