Merrell Increases Speed to Market & Reduces Cost with 3D

Case Study Merrell

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Merrell, a renowned outdoor footwear brand, sought to reduce waste and increase speed to market by incorporating immersive 3D and augmented reality (AR) experiences into internal presentations, B2B sales, and eCommerce. However, the company faced significant challenges with large and incompatible 3D designs that hindered the seamless integration of these experiences. The existing process of physically manufacturing and shipping samples was not only time-consuming and expensive but also had a negative impact on Merrell’s carbon footprint.


  1. Large and incompatible 3D designs for digital showrooms and eCommerce.
  2. Time-consuming and expensive process of manufacturing and shipping physical samples.
  3. Lack of a seamless integration between 3D design programs and digital platforms.
  4. Carbon footprint concerns due to the traditional sample manufacturing.

Solution: VNTANA’s 3D Digital Asset Management Platform:

Merrell partnered with VNTANA to address these challenges and implement a cutting-edge solution that revolutionized their 3D design workflow.

Implementation Steps:

1. Integration with Swatchbook via VNTANA’s API:

VNTANA’s optimization software was seamlessly integrated into Merrell’s existing 3D design program, Swatchbook, through VNTANA’s Application Programming Interface (API). This integration enabled instant optimization of every design to meet the specifications required for deployment in digital showrooms, eCommerce, and other platforms.

2. Real-time Optimization:

The integration with VNTANA’s optimization software allowed Merrell to optimize 3D designs in minutes, eliminating the need for the time-consuming and costly process of manual 3D artist work to convert files for each end use case.

3. Versatile Deployment:

The optimized 3D models could now be easily deployed across various platforms, including digital showrooms and the eCommerce site, through VNTANA’s 3D DAM, ensuring a consistent and immersive brand experience for internal presentations, B2B sales, and online shoppers.


1. Cost Savings and Time Efficiency:

Merrell achieved a remarkable 81% cost savings by leveraging VNTANA’s optimization technology. The elimination of physical sample manufacturing and shipping also resulted in a one-month reduction in turnaround time, allowing Merrell to bring products to market faster.

2. Reduced Carbon Footprint:

The shift from physical sample manufacturing to 3D digital contributed to a significant reduction in Merrell’s carbon footprint. This aligns with the brand’s commitment to sustainability and environmentally conscious practices.

3. Pre-Production Sales:

With the streamlined workflow enabled by VNTANA’s solution, Merrell can now showcase and sell products through digital showrooms and eCommerce even before the traditional manufacturing process begins. This has proven to be a game-changer in driving sales and increasing brand engagement.

4. Publish 3D and AR to ecommerce as well as Google


The collaboration between Merrell and VNTANA has demonstrated the transformative impact of advanced 3D solutions in the realms of design, digital showrooms, eCommerce, and overall brand innovation. By integrating VNTANA’s 3D DAM and proprietary optimization software into their design workflow, Merrell has not only achieved substantial cost savings and operational efficiency but has also positioned itself as a leader in adopting sustainable and forward-thinking practices in the competitive footwear industry.