Dril-Quip Accelerates Sales and Enhances Product Presentations with VNTANA’s 3D Solution

Case Study Drill-Quip


Dril-Quip, an industry leader in designing and manufacturing innovative drilling and production equipment, faced a common challenge in showcasing their products. The size of their equipment made it impractical to bring to tradeshows, and sharing detailed Computer-Aided Design (CAD) files presented significant difficulties. Dril-Quip sought a solution to streamline their product presentations, reduce costs, and accelerate their speed to market.


  1. Inability to showcase large drilling and production equipment at tradeshows.
  2. Difficulty in sharing and presenting detailed CAD files of their products.
  3. Desire to improve sales presentations and speed up the go-to-market process.

Solution: VNTANA’s 3D Digital Asset Management system for Enhanced Product Presentations:

Dril-Quip collaborated with VNTANA to implement a solution that would leverage 3D technology to overcome their challenges and enhance product presentations.

Implementation Steps:

1. Integration with VNTANA 3D DAM:

Dril-Quip integrated with VNTANA’s 3D Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, which automatically optimized their existing CAD files. This allowed for easy sharing and presentation on various devices, including desktops, mobiles, and tablets.

2. Automatic Optimization of CAD Files:

VNTANA’s intelligent algorithms automatically optimized the CAD files, removing all internal components to protect proprietary intellectual property (IP). This optimization ensured that clients could have a comprehensive walkthrough of the products without compromising sensitive information.

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– Dril-Quip Marketing Director


1. Streamlined Product Presentations:

The integration of VNTANA’s solution enabled Dril-Quip to showcase interactive 3D models of their drilling and production equipment. This provided a more engaging and informative experience for clients during sales presentations.

2. Accessibility on Any Device:

The optimized 3D models could be easily shared and presented on any device, whether desktop, mobile, or tablet. This flexibility improved accessibility for clients and stakeholders, enhancing communication and understanding.

3. Cost Reduction and IP Protection:

By avoiding the need to bring large equipment to tradeshows and automatically removing internals from CAD files, Dril-Quip experienced cost reductions and protected their proprietary IP. This intelligent approach improved efficiency and reduced potential risks.

4. Increased Speed to Market:

The streamlined presentation process and the ability to share optimized 3D models contributed to a faster go-to-market strategy. Dril-Quip could present their products more efficiently, accelerating the sales cycle.


Dril-Quip’s collaboration with VNTANA exemplifies the transformative impact of 3D technology in the manufacturing industry. By utilizing VNTANA’s 3D DAM and intelligent optimization algorithms, Dril-Quip not only overcame challenges related to product presentations but also achieved cost reduction, IP protection, and increased speed to market. The successful integration of 3D technology showcases the potential of innovative solutions in enhancing sales strategies and improving overall operational efficiency within the manufacturing sector.