Crystal Group Revolutionizes Buyer Presentations with VNTANA’s 3D DAM

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Crystal Group, a prominent player in the fashion industry, recognized the increasing importance of 3D technology in impressing buyers and enhancing virtual product presentations. However, they faced a significant obstacle – the design files from Browzwear and CLO were too large to easily share on the web, hindering their ability to showcase seasonal presentations in 3D.


  1. Large and cumbersome 3D design files from Browzwear and CLO.
  2. Difficulty in creating & sharing 3D presentations online due to file compatibility & size limitations.
  3. Time-consuming process of manually updating 3D files and building custom web pages for buyer presentations.

Solution: VNTANA’s 3D DAM:

Crystal Group partnered with VNTANA to overcome the challenges and leverage the power of 3D technology for buyer presentations.

Implementation Steps:

1. Browzwear & Clo Plugin Integration:

VNTANA’s solution seamlessly integrated with Crystal Group’s digital product creation workflow, offering a specialized Browzwear & Clo plugin. This allowed the digital product creation team to bulk upload their designs directly from Browzwear and Clo, initiating the optimization process.

2. Instant Optimization with Patented, Intelligent Algorithms:

VNTANA’s patented, intelligent algorithms instantly optimized the uploaded designs, reducing file sizes by up to 99% without compromising on quality. This ensured that the 3D line sheets were fast-loading and could be easily shared on the web to any device – desktop, mobile and tablets.

3. AR-enhanced 3D Line Sheets:

The optimized designs were not only made web-ready but also included built-in Augmented Reality (AR) features. This provided an enhanced and immersive experience for buyers during virtual presentations.

4. Fast & Easy 3D Line Sheet Creation:

Crystal Group’s digital product creation team could group multiple products into a single, shareable webpage on the VNTANA platform in a few minutes. This streamlined the process of sharing 3D line sheets for internal review and buyer presentations.


1. Significant Time Savings:

Leveraging VNTANA’s solution, Crystal Group achieved a dramatic reduction in the time required for creating and sharing 3D line sheets. The automated optimization process took just a few minutes, compared to the manual effort required previously.

2. Improved Sales:

The ability to present visually stunning and fast-loading 3D line sheets with AR features significantly enhanced Crystal Group’s buyer presentations. This improvement in presentation quality contributed to increased buyer engagement and improved sales outcomes.

3. Efficient Internal Review:

The platform’s capability to create shareable webpages streamlined internal reviews, enabling quick collaboration and decision-making within the digital product creation team.


The collaboration between Crystal Group and VNTANA exemplifies the transformative impact of 3D in the fashion industry. By seamlessly integrating VNTANA’s solution into their digital product creation workflow, Crystal Group not only overcame file size limitations but also achieved significant time savings and improved sales outcomes. The ability to create beautiful, fast-loading 3D line sheets with AR features has positioned Crystal Group at the forefront of innovation in buyer presentations, showcasing the power of technology in driving success in the competitive fashion market.

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