Astec – Revolutionizing Sales and Training with Augmented Reality

Case Study Transforming sales and training through the innovative use of Augmented Reality, Astec is at the forefront of a revolutionary approach.

Client Profile:

Astec is a global industry leader specializing in the manufacturing of equipment crucial for asphalt road building, aggregate processing, and concrete production. Renowned for their technical expertise, Astec faced challenges in showcasing their large and custom-configured equipment at tradeshows, limiting their ability to demonstrate product features effectively.

Problem Statement:

Astec’s specialized equipment, often too large for tradeshows, presented a challenge in showcasing their capabilities to potential clients. Additionally, the custom configurations tailored to each client’s needs were difficult to present in person due to the size and complexity of the setups. To overcome these limitations, Astec invested in Magic Leap headsets for digital twin walkthroughs. However, the large file sizes of 3D models made it cumbersome to share, requiring extensive manual optimization by 3D artists, limiting the number of products that could be effectively showcased in AR.


VNTANA’s Intelligent Optimization emerged as the solution to Astec’s challenges. The platform automatically optimized and converted 3D files and simulation models from various software programs, including Solidworks, Paraview, EDEM, VTK, EnSight, Lightwave, and Blender. These optimized models were seamlessly deployed on Magic Leap and Quest 3 headsets, enabling Astec to showcase their specialized equipment for sales and training purposes.

Moreover, VNTANA’s 3D Digital Asset Management system provided Astec with immediate, secure access to digital twins and simulation models. This eliminated the need for multiple software design licenses, streamlining internal processes and enhancing collaboration across the organization. VNTANA facilitated easy sharing of 3D and AR models through QR codes, enabling clients to view them instantly on their mobile devices.


With VNTANA’s solution in place, Astec now has a scalable workflow that allows all their products to be showcased in web-based 3D and AR formats. This expansion of training and sales materials enhances their outreach to clients, offering an immersive experience of their specialized equipment. The newfound efficiency also positions Astec to move forward with the next phase of AR implementation, focusing on real-time remote collaboration with internal teams and client tech support.

Next Steps:

Building on the success of the implemented solution, Astec is now poised to leverage AR technology for real-time remote collaboration with internal teams and client tech support. The streamlined workflow not only showcases the company’s commitment to innovation but also enhances its ability to provide superior service and support to clients worldwide.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Astec and VNTANA represents a paradigm shift in how specialized equipment can be effectively showcased, breaking down barriers in size and complexity through cutting-edge technology. The success of this initiative paves the way for Astec’s continued leadership in the industry, fueled by innovation and a commitment to meeting the evolving needs of their clients.