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Diesel wanted to upgrade their eCommerce site with 3D for the launch of the “DieselxDiesel” line to give consumers more confidence to purchase online. They needed a solution that could provide a robust, premium 3D web viewer and allow them to use their existing CLO designs, which are too big in their original format to use on the web.


Diesel uploaded their CLO 3D design files to VNTANA via our plugin which instantly optimized them for the web and AR to ensure they loaded fast on every browser and mobile device. They were able to adjust the lighting and background color of the viewer to get the perfect look to match the brand and used our API to integrate into their eCommerce website. The API integration took less than week so they were up and running quickly and saw a 70% increase in average cart size compared to 2D product images.

DIESEL Case Study Image
Case Study Adidas


Adidas wanted to use 3D scans in their AR try-on app, but the files were too big and in the wrong format. This was requiring days of manual work per shoe which was just not feasible at scale. They needed a way to quickly get thousands of files ready for the app.


Adidas uploaded over 2,500 shoes to VNTANA which automatically optimized and converted the 3D models to meet the stringent requirements for the AR try-on app, accomplishing in 1 hour what used to take 6 weeks. The 3D and AR try-on experience was successful, resulting in more than double the conversion rate compared to 2D product images.

“With VNTANA, we accomplished in 1 hour what previously took us 6 weeks.”

-Arran Royle
Senior CG Producer, Adidas


STAUD wanted to give their buyers a better understanding of their products while shopping online and improve the overall digital consumer experience.


3D scans were created of purses and shoes by STAUD to embed on their eCommerce site. The 3D scans were uploaded to VNTANA which automatically optimized the files and created a 3D and AR web viewer that could instantly be embedded via our Shopify App. The experience gave consumers a much better online shopping experience resulting in a 66% drop in returns compared to 2D product images.

Case Study Staud


VF Corp designs apparel in Browzwear and is at the forefront of leveraging 3D across web, AR, and the metaverse, but Browzwear design files are too big and not in the right format to use on these platforms. It was requiring days of manual work for 3D artists to prep and optimize each 3D design to be usable on the web, AR, NFTs, etc. VF Corp launches thousands of products per year so this was not feasible at scale.


VF Corp uploaded their Browzwear files to VNTANA which instantly optimized them to meet web, social and game-engine standards so they could immediately be deployed for eCommerce, social media, the metaverse, and beyond!


Number of Files

61 Workdays

Time Saved


Average File Size Reduction


Dignitas, an international esports organization, wanted to create a more engaging online shopping experience for its merchandise that would resonate with the fan base.


Dignitas apparel and accessories were created in Browzwear and uploaded to VNTANA which automatically optimized them and created a 3D and AR web viewer that could be embedded on their website. Sales increased 24x the first week after launch compared to using 2D product images.

Case Study Dignitas

“VNTANA was able to bring our products to life in a new, engaging, and interactive way. As a brand continuing to find ways to innovate on our eCommerce experience, VNTANA was a natural fit and one we will continue to implement.”

-Dignitas & Verizon


A Jaffe creates thousands of designs each year in CAD programs, but they are lacking realistic materials which requires 1-3 days of rendering work by 3D artists. This time and cost was too high (an average cost to create a traditional 2D render is between $30 – $50 and could take as long as 3 days to optimize manually) to create renders of all designs, but their clients wanted to see high quality renders to know what the final product looks like.


VNTANA software allowed A Jaffe to upload all their CAD files and instantly get sharable links to interactive 3D renders. This enabled them to create realistic renders of all their jewelry for every client, improving customer experience and increasing sales.

“The VNTANA software allowed us to save tons of time and money by instantly creating interactive 3D jewelry we could share with a link to any client around the world, versus having artists render out videos.”

-A. Jaffe


Merrell wanted to create immersive digital showrooms for internal presentations and B2B sales as well as add 3D and AR to eCommerce to increase conversion rate and reduce returns. Unfortunately, their 3D designs were too large and in the wrong format to use in their digital showroom built in Unity or on their eCommerce site. They were manufacturing the shoes and shipping physical samples to be 3D scanned and then uploaded to various platforms. This was time consuming, expensive and increased their carbon footprint.


Merrell added VNTANA’s optimization software to their current 3D design program, Swatchbook, via VNTANA’s API, so every design can instantly be optimized to meet the various specifications required to deploy the 3D model to their digital showrooms, eCommerce site and more. The integration makes the workflow seamless and VNTANA’s optimization software is done in minutes. Now Merrell can sell via digital showrooms and eCommerce even before manufacturing and shipping samples. Merrell has calculated a cost savings of 81% utilizing this technology and one month of time saved in turnaround time per model.


A manufacturer of branded children’s and teen’s apparel based in the US used VNTANA to replace physical samples with 3D designs for internal review and planning as well as B2B sales.

Significant cost savings: The VNTANA client was able to replace physical samples with 3D for an entire line of clothing.

  • Average cost to manufacture samples: $100
  • Number of 3D models used in VNTANA 3D Line Sheet to sell to buyers, replacing physical samples: 889

Reduce Carbon Footprint

  • Average carbon footprint of an apparel sample: 5kg
  • Total carbon footprint reduction per season: 4.4 tons of carbon, that is equivalent to driving a gasoline car for 101,200 miles!

Otto International is a major ODM in China that went from a 6-month sales cycles with physical samples to a 3-week sales cycle with 3D digital models optimized by VNTANA. The ability to turn around changes faster significantly reduced the sales cycle bringing cash in the door faster.

3D and AR give consumers a much better understanding of the product. This leads to a higher conversion rate, higher average cart size, and reduced returns.

Multiple studies from Shopify, Snapchat, Accenture and others have shown 3D doubles conversion rate on average compared to 2D.



3D is becoming more important in the fashion industry. 3D helps impress buyers as it gives them a much better understanding of the product in a virtual presentation. Unfortunately, design files from Browzwear and CLO are too large to easily share on the web which prevented Crystal Group from sharing their seasonal presentations in 3D.


Crystal Group’s digital product creation team is able to use VNTANA to create beautiful, fast-loading 3D line sheets with AR for all of their buyer presentations. Using VNTANA’s Browzwear plugin they bulk upload their designs which are instantly optimized via VNTANA’s patented algorithms. This reduces the file size by up to 99% without losing quality and provides a sharable 3D web viewer with built-in AR. On VNTANA they can group products into a single, shareable webpage to easily send 3D line sheets for internal review and use in buyer presentations. This all takes a few minutes, versus having to manually update 3D files and build out custom web pages. Crystal Group has been able to save significant time and improve sales.

“We are seeing time and cost saving, as the VNTANA platform is so easy to use. We are able to present 3D content to our buyers which is keeping us competitive in the market and growing the business successfully.”

– Manager Product Development
Crystal Group

Refinery wanted to improve their consumer experience by adding 3D and AR to their eCommerce site. They needed a solution that could provide a 3D & AR web viewer that worked great on mobile and allow them to use their existing Browzwear designs, which are too big in their original format to use on the web.


Refinery saw increased consumer engagement with 3D compared to 2D and it helped buyers confidently purchase online. 

They also noticed majority of users were zooming into parts of the clothing they did not previously photograph, so they changed their product imagery to provide more close up shots of buttons and logos which is what the consumers wanted to see.

refinary graphs

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