3D Technical Artist


The mission of the Technical 3D Artist is to assist our clients with creating and exporting 3D assets for use in 3D eCommerce and AR. The candidate will work closely with our 3D asset creation team to help diagnose issues, recommend solutions, and create documentation that can be used by clients. They must be very well rounded in 3D and understand PBR workflows, real-time rendering, and multiple 3D programs.


  1. Diagnose issues with 3D assets from various programs and provide solutions.
  2. Review client models and fix any issues.
  3. Determine best practices for exporting from multiple 3D programs.
  4. Analyze material/textures/shaders to ensure they are compatible with established graphic styles and lighting methods as well as post-processing techniques.
  5. Create and edit 3D models for clients.


  1. Experience in modeling and art tools (Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max, Substance Painter/Designer or ZBrush, Blender, etc.).

  2. PBR material creation and modeling.

  3. Mastery of UV projection and unfolding techniques (overlapping, splitting, padding) of UV packing.

  4. Experience in a full digital art content creation pipeline: (high and low-poly modeling, UV mapping, unwrapping, baking, texturing, atlasing)

  5. Portfolio with examples of professional work (e.g. art, 3D models, scripts, tools, simulations, etc.)


  1. Experience with Clo, Browzwear, Modo, and/or Keyshot

  2.  Modeling and low-poly optimization (texture baking toolsets).

  3. Game asset creation, low poly optimization, AR/VR experience.

  4. Unreal, Unity or game engine optimization equivalent experience.


§  Competitive pay

§  Health, dental, and vision insurance

§  Unlimited vacation policy

§  401k

§  Internal Referral Program

§  Paid Parental Leave Program

§  Monthly team building events

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