Augmented advertising: VNTANA’s holograms are changing the way companies advertise

Built In LA | For years now, the hype surrounding virtual and augmented reality has been omnipresent. Friends of friends might be able to speak to its magical properties, but for the most part, people are waiting for VR to finally come their way.

For Van Nuys-based VNTANA, however, it wasn’t the buzz from the VR/AR industry that drew them in, it was an email from a world-famous DJ.
“I saw friends watching live-streams on their laptops and I thought that was horrible. I thought that we could find a way to live-stream high quality audio to multiple venues and sell cheaper tickets to a similar experience,” said CEO and Co-Founder Ashley Crowder. “When [musician] Steve Aoki expressed interest, I emailed Ben [Conway, co-founder of VNTANA] and told him he needed to come back here and help start this company…


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