What Is 3D Advertising And Which Platforms Support It?

Pixel by pixel, the world is becoming a more digital place. From elementary students going to virtual school to daily work meetings and even award shows, the digital landscape is transforming how we handle life and business.

As a business owner, your online presence is more important now than ever before. From Google My Business, to Facebook and Instagram a strong presence online will help your company get noticed and attract customers to your business.

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In a world of Instagram Stories & Reels, Tik Tok, Facebook and Linkedin profiles how does a business owner go about standing out amongst the rest?

You may already know, but before consumers purchase products, visit restaurants or even rent a home, consumers are relying heavily on online search and reviews to make a purchasing decision. So maintaining your products online and finding unique ways to present these products to your customers is important.

Capitalizing on this new technology and then placing unique ads in the right places for your audience are the first steps. Being one of the first businesses to utilize 3D Advertising will set you apart from your competition, adding attention to your products and capturing your audience in ways you never thought possible.

What can you do in order to make your ads stand out and attract more customers? 

3D & AR advertising is not only an amazing new way to create ads and experiences, it’s also a creative way to help your business stand out from the competition and it is now easier and  more accessible than ever before.

What is 3D Advertising

3D and AR advertising takes your 3D products,and creates a 3D virtual asset that your customers can now have an experience with versus traditional digital ads that simply offer a glimpse or image of your products. Giving your customers an opportunity to interact with the product and view from every angle allows them to get a life like view of your products from the comfort of their desk or home.

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With 3D advertising, that mystery is gone, replaced by an interactive experience that will help you increase sales and drive attention to your products. 3D advertisements have retention rates of nearly 5 times higher than 2D ads. Not only this, but filters for SnapChat and Instagram can also be created using 3D and AR web technology. AR ads on Facebook and Instagram perform 28% better than video ads. All of this is possible with VNTANA.

Imagine searching in Google for a shoe and a 3D version appears on your screen. Or scrolling Instagram and a 3D couch ad appears where you can click to virtually place it in your home to see how this product would fit. This is all powered by VNTANA.

How Does It Work

First you will need a 3D file of your products. There are various companies that provide these types of services. VNTANA has an amazing program where they partner with different 3D scanners and help business owners create 3D assets if they have not done so already. VNTANA also has a 3d designer freelance network to connect you with as well.

These assets can then be used in an online web browser or ad where customers can interact with the objects. Details in shirts, shoes, purses, even furniture can now be seen without ever leaving the home or office. If someone was hoping to see how that coffee table would look with the rest of their furniture, this is now possible. Imagine what this can do for your products based business.

3D advertising not only gives you an edge on the competition but it will also allow you to make more sales by providing the consumer with much needed 3D views of an all digital purchase! If a customer can interact with the product, visualize it and experience it beforehand, they are more likely to purchase your product.

Which Platforms Support 3D Advertising

With the landscape becoming more and more virtual, companies are jumping at the chance to help businesses display their products and 3D advertising. Some major players right now that are supporting 3D and AR web advertising are: Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Unity among many others.

Each platform has their own tools to help you create amazing experiences:

  • SparkAR is the tool you can use to create 3D and AR filters for Facebook and Instagram .
  • Lens Studio is the tool to create 3D AR filters for Snapchat.
  • Google Swirl is the technology for Google 3D ads.
  • Unity will match you with a trusted partner to build the perfect 3D and AR ad.

All platforms allow you to put ad dollars behind the experiences to expose them to more users. For Facebook and Instagram they will appear in a user’s feed. For Snapchat they will be promoted as a story. And Google Swirl ads will appear like banner ads today but with 3D content.

With more and more companies integrating 3D and AR technology into how business and ads are created, using this new technology is a no brainer. What once took days or even weeks, can now be done in a matter of minutes! This is also a great way to share assets among coworkers and employees to get feedback before creating physical prototypes. For 3D designers, the process in sharing files with clients and employees has now been streamlined and shortened. Changes can be seen in real time, making the workflow much simpler and quicker with VNTANA.

Now that you have a better understanding of what 3D advertising is and what platforms support it, rather than trying to navigate how to create your own 3D ads, try out VNTANA. We have all of the experts you need to not only get your products scanned and 3D assets created but also have the software to help you share those assets everywhere. Contact us today!