Sharing Complex 3D Demonstrations of Innovative Medical Devices

In the ever-evolving landscape of medical technology, effectively showcasing complex and cutting-edge products to a remote audience presents a unique challenge.

VNTANA’s medical clients are pioneering manufacturers of intricate medical devices. Their range of advanced, 3D-printed surgical instruments and robotic systems is utilized in surgical theaters and healthcare facilities worldwide.

Traditionally, the demonstration of these highly specialized and customizable medical devices was limited to physical conferences, medical expos, or on-site visits that only occurred a few times per year.

The Challenge

In the healthcare industry, decision-making processes can be protracted, especially in hospital settings with multiple stakeholders. Our medical device clients faced the need to expedite decision-making while substantiating the superiority of their products against global competitors. Additionally, they aimed to break free from the constraints of in-person demonstrations and find a way to provide remote, in-depth product insights, highlighting the intricate engineering that set their devices apart.

The Solution

VNTANA, a 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) platform, that makes it easy to create detailed 3D presentations of their innovative medical devices.

VNTANA’s secure sharing capabilities enabled the swift distribution of 3D model presentations within their internal teams and across their network of medical device distributors. This breakthrough allowed their products to enter hospital boardrooms around the world, providing instantaneous access to augmented reality demonstrations as part of the pre-purchase process.

The ability to display precise 3D models of intricate medical instruments on commonplace devices, such as tablets and smartphones, significantly accelerated decision-making during sales discussions.

The Results

VNTANA’s secure sharing features facilitated the use of highly detailed, CAD-based 3D models, ensuring the protection of intellectual property while allowing the sales and marketing teams to utilize them effectively. By importing SolidWorks STEP, Keyshot GLBs and other existing 3D design files directly into VNTANA, the company ensured the accuracy of the models without overburdening their engineering team.

With their array of medical devices easily accessible on various devices, the client successfully eliminated their reliance on physical product demonstrations at medical conferences. Now, they can present their medical devices both in-person and remotely, reducing travel expenses, expediting the customer decision-making process and quickly educating their remote sales team on the latest devices.

The ability to unveil the intricate inner workings of their medical devices grants a significant competitive edge, as they can effortlessly demonstrate the advanced technology that underpins their products, thereby showcasing their superiority within the medical technology industry.