Meet the “Marie Kondo Method” of 3D Modeling

Marie Kondo took the world, and our closets, by storm.

She took our “too much stuff” problem and provided a simple, straightforward method to address it. However, the secret to her success wasn’t her method—it was the fact that anyone could use it.

With the advent of 3D for web, digital, and AR/VR experiences, we’re approaching our Marie Kondo moment. Original manufacturing design files are too large for web and mobile. Reformatting, organizing, and delivering 3D files for different digital platforms and operating systems is a hassle. And you typically need a 3D artist and a few days to create shareable 3D assets for real-world use cases and AR/VR environments. The current climate is expensive, siloed, and disorganized.

Let’s face it: It’s time to tidy up our 3D workflows.

Today’s product designers, engineers, and creative directors need a 3D digital twinning content management system (CMS) where they can upload original files and automatically optimize and convert files for use across mobile, web, and AR/VR.

By creating efficient 3D workflows today, you can create a foundation to provide Sales and Marketing with the 3D content they need in minutes, not days. Without all the back and forth and without re-inventing the wheel.

VNTANA is an omnichannel 3D automation software and CMS you can use to streamline your workflows, organize and manage your 3D assets more efficiently, and eliminate the need for costly, manual 3D file conversions. It’s smart, simple and just about anyone can use it. Here’s why so many 3D designers and product engineers are turning to VNTANA for their 3D automation and content management needs.

Powerful, User-Friendly 3D CMS

Our end-to-end cloud-based content management system makes it easy to keep track of all your 3D assets in one convenient place. You can add tags and attributes to include data, such as materials and inventory numbers, to sort and organize products and easily collaborate with global teams in real-time. Tagging and grouping empower anyone to search your product catalog, ensuring every department can find the approved 3D asset they need.

Automated Optimization

The VNTANA Platform utilizes a proprietary mesh decimation algorithm to understand the shape of the model before it’s decimated, resulting in a low poly model (75%-99% reduction) that is still extremely accurate. Plus, our algorithm can remove obstructed geometry in seconds to automatically reduce file size. You can toggle this feature to create expanded views and showcase fine details or zoomed-in views of your product. For instance, if you are a car manufacturer and want to provide macro-lens views of the interior.

3D Model of Robotic Arm

Fast, Simple Conversions Create Plug-and-Play 3D Files

Our 3D file conversion algorithm automatically optimizes and converts your existing manufacturing files to the many different 3D file types you and your teams need to create immersive digital experiences, including:

  • For iOS: Converts to USD/USDZ
    • For Android and Web: Converts to GLB/glTF
    • For Immersive Mobile and AR/VR applications: Converts to FBX, OBJ, Unity Asset Bundles, and Packages

No Web Viewer? No Problem.

VNTANA’s software automatically provides a 3D web viewer you can easily embed on any website by simply copying and pasting an iFrame or by using our API. You can also use the web viewer to easily share 3D models between team members, sales and marketing departments, and potential customers by sending them a link to an interactive 3D model on the web.

3D Model of engine on VNTANA software

Automate Product Updates Across Applications

Need to update or add 3D products to new applications? Simply use our API. When you make changes or updates to products in our cloud content management system, our API will automatically synchronize the changes and update files across all your applications. This help keep your product updates and approved product files seamless across all platforms. 

It’s no secret, 3D is here to stay. The use cases, early results, and potential for growth are enormous. After speaking with many product designers and 3D engineers directly, VNTANA set out to create a smarter way for them to optimize, manage, and share 3D assets with other departments.

It’s essentially a one-stop-shop that gives teams the freedom and flexibility to optimize, convert and distribute 3D product files for virtually any use case you can imagine, whether it’s on the web, mobile, or in immersive AR and VR environments.

You’re a product designer, not a project manager. Discover how VNTANA’s omnichannel 3D automation software can help keep you organized and eliminate busywork, so you can spend more time focusing on your next big idea—and how you’re going to bring it to life.

To learn more about how VNTANA can work for you, schedule a complimentary demo now. For VNTANA pricing, FAQs, and more, please visit our site.